A New Chapter

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

I can't even begin to explain how much I loved 2015 - I kickstarted it in Amsterdam with my friends, turned 21, started writing for Elite Daily, graduated with a First Class Honours in print Journalism and travelled the world. The prospect of 2016 was of course exciting, but incredibly daunting at the same time. After the best three years of my life at University and the most amazing three months in Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hong Kong, the next chapter was going to be very different. I knew 2016 entailed growing up, getting a proper job and starting my life as a twenty-something year old graduate. In the last couple of months I've celebrated my 22nd birthday with friends and family, had a University reunion in Nottingham and spent precious time with my friends, family and boyfriend after three months away from them all which I've loved.

While I was having a great time doing all the fun things, I struggled to secure a job or an internship. My CV was standing out but my lack of experience was hindering my applications. As much as I tried not to take it personally, there's only so many times you can accept rejection before you start to get disheartened. I knew it wasn't a reflection on my capability, someone else had just always been better suited to the job which is a normal thing to experience while job hunting. The hardest thing for me was that I wanted it so much. I'd worked my socks off to get a First, I'd juggled writing for Elite with running my blog and completing industry experience and my efforts just weren't being recognised where I wanted them to be. But (are you ready for it?) two months, 55 job applications and eight interviews later I have my first graduate job and I'm SO EXCITED.

Say hello to the new Social Media Coordinator for SOLETRADER. I was applying for journalism, PR and social media jobs but I loved the job specification as soon as I saw the role advertised. I spend a large proportion of my time both on social media and blogging so this is pretty damn ideal. This means that I'll manage social media content across all channels, including social ad campaigns, create copy for use on each channel and work with the digital design team to create artwork, research ways of improving social media engagement and develop a strategy for the best use of each channel, create blog content, monitor and report on the performance of each channel and work on non-social marketing initiatives when necessary. The thing I loved about SOLETRADER when I went to my first and second interview was the close-knit team, community spirit and integration of roles which sounds great as I'll get heaps of experience in different fields.

It sounds as though I'm going to be given lots of responsibility which is incredible seeing as it's my first graduate job. The opportunity is great as they were looking for someone to create new ideas and concepts which leaves so much scope for creativity and hopefully, great results. One thing I particularly liked about the whole interview process was how keen they were, despite how intense I found the first interview. They seemed to really want me, appreciate my research into the role and valued my achievements, especially my degree which I was flattered by. When you feel as though a company really wants you to be part of their team and believes you can do great things, it's an instant motivator. I'm determined to prove them right and work really hard to flourish within the role. And I'm also ridiculously excited to go stationery shopping.

I start on Monday 7th March so I've got two weeks left at my current part-time job which I did full-time in University holiday periods and I've been doing part-time since I returned from travelling while I looked for jobs. I always leave and I always come back purely as it's always been a stop-gap but this time I'm leaving for good. I'm leaving for my first ever grad job and I'm leaving to kickstart my career. It's such an exciting time because I have no idea what the near future holds - I just know that I'm looking forward to getting stuck in my new role. Having money to spend and booking a holiday with my boyfriend will also be fab perks. I've worked so hard to get where I am which is furthermore topped off by the fact that I'm getting a new car. SOLETRADER HQ is in Hemel Hempstead which means a 10 minute drive from my house - perfect for my 9am-6pm hours. 

The future of my blog remains a little uncertain as I'm planning on focusing all of my energy and creativity into my new job but I'd still love to have this little outlet of mine. I love blogging and it's helped me secure this job as both interviewers commented on the standard of my blog and how great they thought it was. I've been blogging throughout the whole of my University experience and I don't feel quite ready to stop yet, so maybe it'll just be a little less regular. Who knows, I guess time will be the best indicator of that. I feel as though I've turned totally adult overnight and I'm not quite sure how to deal with that. Primarily I'm just a little overwhelmed but I also feel so much happier and calmer than I did during my job hunt which is fab for my stress levels which have now been restored. Now it's time to try and nail being an adult and all that.

Here's to the very exciting unknown...

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  1. I'm so happpy for you! Congratulations and have fun at your new job! X