Mission Beach

Friday, 13 November 2015

Four hours later we arrived at Mission Beach just as it was turning dusk. The shuttle was already waiting and rightly so as the hostel was AGES away. We drove through windy roads covered by rainforest for a good 15 minutes before we reached anywhere that looked remotely inhabited. Pitch black we rocked up at Jackaroos which felt as though we were checking into rehab. We were in the middle of nowhere, the only sound you could hear was the buzz of the insects and there was a distinct lack of people. Fabulous. The hostel itself was pretty nice as it displayed a jungle/treehouse/rainforest theme, but it wasn't how I expected. From the description on the website I thought each cabin would be separate with a decking area and a ladder or at least some steps to make it feel distinctly treehouse like. Nu-uh. Turns out all the cabins were on the outskirts of the communal room and kitchen which was filled with sofas, chairs and benches. And bugs. 

Don't get me wrong, the vibe was pretty chilled and cosy and aesthetically it was pleasing, just not what I expected. The hostel plays a film every night on a large projector screen so at 8pm we settled down on a bed which was used as a sofa and watched Knocked Up. We skipped dinner as none of us were hungry and although it was nice to actually chill and watch a film, it made me even more sleepy so we went to bed as soon as it finished. I knew I was practically in the rainforest but I was also not okay with the amount of bugs there were. We had to chase a lizard out of our room before we went to sleep and I'm totally not down with that. It only crawled into a little crevice in the wall so I'm sure it crept back out as soon as the lights went out. Cheeky little bugger coming for a sleepover.

Despite the creepy crawlies I slept like a baby and woke up early to call my boyfriend. Guess what? The wifi didn't work - again. It's literally the most frustrating thing in the world and I now hate wifi forever. I spent the morning transferring all 1000 pictures from my iPhone to my memory stick with all my skydive pictures and video on. I'm the renowned picture taker of the group, my phone barely ever leaves my hand and the thought of losing it all forever makes me feel a little panicked. I made sure they were all safely on my memory stick before deleting them to clear some space because my phone gives me the 'can't take a photo out of storage' spiel every other day. Yawn. At lunchtime we got the bus into town which was our only excursion of the day. Do you now understand why I felt like I was temporarily in rehab? The four of us went on another one of our spontaneous detoxes and bought salad and fruit for lunch and chicken, sweet potato and veg for dinner. Back at the hostel we all tucked into a leafy green lunch with ham, tuna and pitta before heading to the pool for a little dip and a nap - shock.

We got chatting to a few people who had just come from Cairns which was nice as that's where we were heading next. It was so weird not having anything to do as we'd been so used to always being busy, and after a swim and a nap I kind of didn't know what to do with myself. I did feel a little guilty as anyone at home would call me ungrateful or selfish for moaning about sitting in the sun all day doing absolutely nothing. We were up at 7 and by 3 we'd already been up for 8 hours and still had another 8 hours until we'd probably go to bed, so I slung myself on a hammock and read my book. That was until a naughty little spider decided he wanted to cuddle. The small ones are the more dangerous so god knows how I manoeuvred out of that hammock without falling off. I genuinely felt as though I just kept going to sit in different parts of the hostel for hours at a time - which admittedly I did. The grounds were beautiful but I wasn't in the mood for spiders or sunburn so I went inside for a cuppa and to carry on reading Professor Green's autobiography. Very good, by the way. I'd definitely recommend.

Dinner time meant detox time after our healthy trip to the shop so we made chicken in a tomato and mozzarella sauce with sweet potato mash, green beans and broccoli. The 4 of us pretty much ate in silence and I cleared my plate in record time. It was so nice to sit down and eat a proper meal after a day of pure relaxation. The open air cinema was meant to be on but because the weather was a bit temperamental the film was shown inside like the previous night. We settled down in our pyjamas with some popcorn while watching Pulp Fiction which was nice. I miss chilled film and food nights like that so it was a little home comfort that didn't go unnoticed. However I got about an hour in and had no clue what was happening so I decided to go to the room, pluck my eyebrows and finish my book before collapsing into bed at half 10 and sleeping like a baby until my alarm went off.

I managed to borrow Kate's phone the following morning as she gets 3G and can use her contract minutes for free which was super handy as it meant I finally got to speak to my boyfriend properly for the first time in a couple of weeks. Catching up done we got breakfast (it's rude not to have toast AND cereal when it's free) before heading to Cairns for our final few days in Oz. Mission Beach was pretty uneventful and if you're not skydiving I wouldn't necessarily recommend going there unless you're in desperate need of a relaxation retreat. The actual hostel is very pretty but if you don't particularly like a million flies swarming round your food, lizards in your room and weird and wonderful bugs everywhere you turn, it might not be the most enjoyable of adventures. On the plus side, I did accumulate a portable charger, an iPhone lead and a pair of sunglasses people had been so careless as to leave behind. Lost property is fun. Mission Beach, not so much. 

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  1. i am so jealous! It looks absolutely amazing, but a shame some parts were disappointing xx

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