Friday, 30 October 2015

We arrived in Noosa and was promptly picked up and driven to our hostel which was a few minutes away. We were staying at Nomads for 4 nights which is one of the major hostels across Australia with a number of branches dotted up the east coast. The shuttle driver told us that Noosa was an upmarket version of Byron Bay and I could easily understand why. Our dorm was probably the dirtiest we've stayed in yet and I don't even want to talk about the state of the kitchen which was filthy. We walked 10 minutes down to Main Beach for the afternoon and spent a couple of hours of the beach which was nice until there was basically a sand storm which was our cue to go. The walk down and back was pretty scenic and there was a lot of cute cafes, bars and restaurants dotted along the walk. At 5.30 we went for welcome drinks which didn't end up starting until half 6 so we took advantage of the 2 beers and 2 burgers for 8 dollars which were really tasty.

The barman, forgive me for being rude, couldn't comprehend why we wanted one deal (2 burgers 2 beers) and one burger by itself even though there was 3 of us standing in front of him. He kept getting our order wrong and it genuinely took us a good eight minutes to explain it to him. Poor guy did give me a free lemonade for taking so long, even though he blamed his confusion on the spicy food he just tasted for the chef. Welcome drinks consisted of a guy with long hair in a shit shirt pointing out some recommendations on a map and a free small cocktail. After getting ready we had pres with two German siblings in our room and three Swedish girls they met the day before which was fun. As silly as it sounds my favourite thing about meeting new people is learning new things. Traditions and lifestyles in every country are so different and the three of us pretty much sat there and asked a million questions - you can tell we're journalism graduates. 

We were unfortunately disturbed by two burly security guards who barged into our room unannounced as there's a strict no buy your own alcohol policy at the hostel. Oops. Luckily my calf muscle managed to hide mine but I'm hoping that they chose to ignore it rather than accepting the fact that I've put on weight absolutely everywhere. We then went to KB's bar attached to the hostel as Monday is the biggest night in Noosa and it was actually very busy. We were having such a good time until they decided to display a wet Tshirt competition which again was one of the worst things I've watched and so Malia booze cruise-esque. There were girls in their underwear on stage (I'm talking actual thongs) grinding on each other, kissing each other and thinking they were so sexy when in fact they couldn't have looked more desperate and unclassy if they tried. The prize may have been 200 dollars but isn't that basically stripping for money? There was one girl though who went up fully clothed in trousers and a Tshirt, dancing to Beyoncé and having so much fun. She wasn't doing it to get male attention or degrade herself, she was just body confident and got our vote. Go gal.

At 12 the bar shut like every bar in Australia seems to so we headed over the road to Sogo which was pretty shabby. We were back over in the hostel by quarter to one, had a lovely chat with Will the security guard about Australian humour and had a slight argument with one of our Swedish dorm mates who said he hates British people. That's something you just refrain from saying when you're sharing a room with three British girls for 4 nights, no? The next day we had a mammoth lie in until midday before heading down to Main Beach and treating ourselves to sun loungers to avoid being victims of the sand storm for the second day running. Unfortunately it started raining after a couple of hours so we took a walk up Hastings Street which is the most renowned street in Noosa for upmarket shopping. It's the wealthiest part of Noosa which was evident from the row of boutiques and classy bars and eateries. En route back up to the hostel we stopped for an ice cream (common occurrence, I know) and had a quick dip in the pool back at Nomads to cool off because walking up a hill is damn hard, hot and sweaty work. 

Despite the fact it was ladies night that night we decided to have a quiet one, cook a nice dinner and watch a film. We made chicken in a parmigiana sauce with sweet potato and broccoli which was one of the nicest meals I've had in a long time. We've been getting so bloated from eating three lots of carbs a day so we've gone all detox and bought some healthier food which is fab. When you buy meat and veg for three people it works out cheap which is a great way to still cut costs while avoiding being mistaken for a beach whale. But of course it's no fun never treating yourself so we got some mini Freddos, mini Mars bars, popcorn and jelly snakes from Coles and streamed X Factor judges houses on Kate's iPad which was heaven. Don't judge for the complete juxtaposition in attitude towards dinner and dessert. I'm a complete TV junkie and it's one of the things I've missed about being at home. After an early night I woke up to my 7am alarm to call my boyfriend and my mum for a catch up which is always a nice start to the day.

It was pouring with rain and although we all had raincoats, flip flops weren't really suitable footwear so we decided to have a chill day. We watched the next X Factor, chatted and read our books before getting sick of the sight of the same four walls and going to get fish and chips from a small and intimate restaurant across the road called Village Bicycle. Not quite sure whether it's a derogatory term like it is in England or whether it's a genuine attempt at a cute name for a restaurant in a small beach town. We enjoyed a nice meal with a glass of wine before heading back and playing drinking games with three new Swedish girls in our room. Every pre drinks is educational as we learned more about their culture and tradition, learning that their currency is Swedish Kronas. One English pound is worth just under 13 Swedish Kronas and they have meatballs for Christmas dinner which they celebrate on Christmas Eve. Crazy. After that we headed to the bar and took part in the limbo and somehow, I managed to get down to the final 5 but declined the opportunity for a second chance when offered to take my top of. No, thank you. 

Oh, and we also declined taking part in beer pong as they play with water because beer pong is actually illegal in Queensland. Fun fact. After only meeting Swedish, German and Canadian people for the last three weeks who tell us they meet English people everywhere, we met two English boys from Brighton which was nice. The bar closed at 12 so after a quick food dash to 7eleven so me and Kate could get a pie, our sleep was unfortunately interrupted by the Swedish boy beneath Abby having sex all night. That's right, and her bunk even rocked. I set an alarm again to speak to my dad as he was in bed when I rang my mum the previous day and it was honestly so nice to catch up with them. Being away makes you appreciate home so much more and it's always a little pick me up, especially as I woke up feeling poorly. Legit think I'm allergic to cider, by the way. It was still a bit drizzly but it cleared up so we decided to get out the dorm and go for a walk in the national park which was meant to be beautiful, stopping on the way for some ice cream. Shock.

We decided to do the 15-30 minute walk at the national park as we're not the most outdoorsy of people and it was so nice to be outside instead of cooped up in a dingy dorm room. Despite the fact it said you needed ankle supporting footwear, we managed it in flip flops with no trouble and it was actually pretty interesting to follow the rainforest route and read the information about animal habitats and rainforestry. We managed to avoid the rain until the walk home and I think we were all very impressed with how much walking we've done since being away. Getting from the hostel to the national park, completing the walk and walking back took about 2 hours and I actually surprisingly enjoyed being out in the drizzle. Back at the hostel we did the boring jobs like laundry before stocking up on goon for Fraser Island. Our dinner detox once again kicked in and instead of making pasta we made a chicken tikka masala with sweet potato and naan bread which was delicious. 

It is however gross cooking dinner in a filthy kitchen but we've come to terms with disinfecting an entire area, washing all cooking utensils before using them and eating off plastic plates with plastic cutlery. Keeping it classy. Our final night consisted of going to KBs bar again which was so much fun, apart from learning that a girl got bitten by a spider at Airlie Beach (I'm terrified of them so this was beyond unnerving). The atmosphere and music was good and we all had such a fun last evening, especially watching the who can ride a child's bike round the bar in the quickest time competition. Although the weather may have been a bit crappy, Noosa is upmarket and beautiful and worth a visit even if only for a couple of days. Next stop is Rainbow Beach for our camping Fraser Island trip with Dingos which in a nutshell is driving jeeps round the island, sand boarding and exploring creeks and lakes by day and getting drunk by night. And you know what? I can't wait. 

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