Koh Samui

Sunday, 4 October 2015

After a 2 and a half hour ferry we got to Koh Samui and sadly our first impressions weren't great. Although we walked down the fanciest and longest pier we've walked down since being in Thailand, it felt like we had left paradise and rocked up in Benidorm. The beach was dirty, the sea resembled that of Scarborough beach, the distance was dotted with apartments and houses with terracotta roofs and it was very built up. Long gone were our backpacker scooter taxis and open air pickup trucks, we were back in a bog standard taxi as if we'd been teleported back to Bangkok. By this point my tiredness levels were at their peak and I could only be thankful we were staying for one night. When we arrived at the hostel we realised we were actually at the wrong hostel which was actually closer to the pier we got off at. We were at Samui Backpacker Hostel when we should have been at Samui Backpacker Hotel. Koh Samui was turning into one big nightmare but after a bit of detour sight seeing we arrived at the right one, thank god. 

We checked in and booked our ferry to Krabi for the following morning. Another 9am ferry (5 hours) and a 750 baht dent in our purses we went to what we thought was our 20 bed dorm only to find out we'd been upgraded to a private 3 bed room with air con, an en suite and a flat screen TV. After our bad luck, tiredness and upcoming 6am alarm, we had our silver lining moment. The room was very modern, clean and tidy and was perfect for what we needed it for. There were also other cute little bungalows on the same site which can be rented out. While there is quite a large outside common area section, it seemed very quiet which we didn't mind given our moods that particular day. After grabbing some food and sorting ourselves out, we decided to have a little wander up the road to try and find somewhere nice to sit. About 2 minutes from our hostel we stumbled across Samui Pier Beach Front Resort which had a restaurant, pool and a nice seating area. Beach front resorts with pools are my favourite because there's so much choice between jumping in a pool, swimming in the sea, sleeping on a lounger or swinging on a hammock. 

Despite the start of the day not looking very promising, things started to look up and we were quite content just relaxing in the sun in a peaceful beach resort for the rest of the afternoon, which by the way had cute little quotes on wooden placards dotted around the grounds. A nice touch seeing as I love a good quote. We were a little way out from the main part of Koh Samui called Chaweng but the part were in, Bang Rak, seemed very chilled. Although the part of Koh Samui we saw could pass as Spain, I think it's more of a place you'd come for a relaxing holiday to explore and find things to do while staying in a luxury beach resort. It might not have the gorgeous views like Koh Tao, but with ferries close by you can always hop on one if you didn't want to stay in one place for the entire time. At one point, the three of us climbed on to this big four poster wooden shack with small waterproof mattresses and head pillows for a little sleep which was heaven.

Waking up in a sleepy haze to the sound of the sea and the sun shining in the distance is my favourite. We started to get hungry around 5 so walked a little further down to road to find somewhere to eat. The roads were once again dirty, the air looked polluted and the traffi heavy, a world away from the white serene island we'd spent the last 2 days on. We managed to find a cute little place called Dreamfield Cottage. The menu had lots of choice, the prices were good and we were pleasantly surprised at the modern outdoor dining we experienced. Judgements aside, it was the best meal I've had since being away. We were seated at a large table with proper placemats and cutlery and the waiter was very polite and gentlemanly, pulling out our chairs. We all went for the massaman curry which was steamed rice with chicken and potato in a thin creamy coconut sauce. You know a meal is good when there's complete silence at the table. It was one of the nicest curries I've ever had and it was so nice to enjoy something a little more authentic over pizza and pasta. 

Around 6 we grabbed snacks for the ferry the following morning and headed back to our room for an early night. We sorted out our bags, showered and changed into fresh pjs. It's honestly the little things when you're away from home. The shower was so hot and because we were in a private room I was able to enjoy it rather than rushing out for the other 11 people sharing the bathroom. It was just nice to feel clean and fresh instead of sandy and sticky, climb into bed and get an overdue early night. After a 6.30 alarm we were picked up at 7.15 and arrived at the ferry port around 8 after picking up guests from other hostels. We grabbed something to eat and boarded the ferry for the five hour journey over to Krabi where we'll be staying for two nights in Hogwarts Hostel.

In all honesty, I wouldn't jump at the chance to go back to Koh Samui but I wouldn't rule it out. While the parts we saw were predominantly dirty, busy and built up, I'm sure there's another side of it we just didn't have the time to experience. A one night stop over was a bit of a waste of time and we should have really headed straight to Krabi from Koh Tao. It's all one big learning curve doing something for the first time but I'm excited to see what Krabi has to offer. We're staying in a hostel called Hogwarts and with Kate and Abby being massive Harry Potter fans (I had to endure eight rounds of the Harry Potter Heads Up game one night) they're both ridiculously excited to get there. Hopefully they'll resist the urge to run through a wall with their luggage at the ferry port. 

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