I'm Back! But I'm going again...

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Wow, how have four whole months passed without any blog action whatsoever? Anyone who knows me and reads my blog will probably know how particular I am about my set blogging schedule. To be completely honest I reached a point where I stopped caring. I cared more about my degree (I got a First, by the way, YAY) and making the most of my time left at University that I willingly let my blog take a back seat. I also had so much Elite Daily lifestyle inspiration when I'd finished exams which made it hard to find space in my head to create blog content. A big fat huge mental block, so to speak. I went from worrying about not posting twice a week to not caring about not posting once in two months. And to be totally honest, it's what I needed. Maybe my break was a little too long because it means I haven't been telling you about the life of a trainee journalist like I used to, which is ironic really because I'm now a graduate and my blog has been reborn into my name. 

So let me catch you up a little bit; Everything has been travelling at a million miles an hour since I moved back home to Hertfordshire in June and time has quite literally run away with itself. I still remained in a mini rut about what direction my blog should take and although I did miss blogging, I didn't have any inspiration to do anything about it. I started working full-time three days after moving home, writing Elite Daily content, planning travelling, catching up with friends and family and making new memories which seems to have well and truly pushed my blog on to the back-burner. BUT, sometimes you just need time out. I fell out of love with blogging and now I'm ready to fall back in love with it. I go travelling on Monday (21st September) and I'm ready to share every little detail with those of you that wish to read about it. The good, the bad and the ugly. The inspiring, the scary and the lonely. I'm ready to share it not only for you guys, but for myself. I want it to act as a diary so I can look back and see how far I've come, what I've achieved and what I've experienced.

I miss writing so I thought what better way to rekindle my love for it than to blog my travels around the world for three months. Whether that'll be while I'm on the road (wi-fi depending) or when I'm back in a mini travel series I don't know, but I'll get there. For those of you who don't know, I'm going with two of my best friends I made through University (Kate and Abby) and we're starting by flying to Bangkok for just under three weeks and will work our way down to the Islands. We're then flying from Phuket over to Singapore and treating it as a mini one night stopover before flying to Sydney and travelling up the East Coast for five weeks. Next stop is New Zealand for three weeks followed by five days in Fiji and one final night in Hong Kong (again, another mini one night stopover) before flying back to London on 14th December. I already know I'll be posting absolutely everything on Instagram so feel free to pop over and follow me for daily pictures and updates.

I guess this blog post is a written realisation that I need to stop panicking about defining a direction for my blog. I need to write about things that inspire me and whether that continues to be fashion and beauty is a whole different question. So, for the time being while I figure it all out  I'll do my best to share everything travel-related on here. In the months and weeks leading up to leaving the UK I've done so much research and have stumbled across some fab tips and reviews that have helped me organise my trip. Hopefully, this may provide the same source of help for some of you who might be planning on doing something similar. I've no idea what the next three months will entail apart from the nine flights that are booked. I've planned and waited for this for over a year so excited doesn't even cut it, however I'm sad I'll be on the other side of the world to my boyfriend for three months, who has been the most amazing and supportive person during this whole process. All I know is that a new grownup, graduate chapter is about to begin and I can't wait for the adventure to unfold.

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