Sports Ball 2015

Friday, 15 May 2015

Last Friday I went to my last ever sports ball which was bittersweet. I had a lovely evening with some of my favourite people, but it's an evening I'll never get to enjoy again due to the fact I'm graduating in just over two months. Sports ball is an annual event where all sports societies get to celebrate the academic sporting year. Dance has had a particularly wonderful year as the club has hosted its own dance show, hosted its own competition, performed at ice hockey varsity and picked up numerous trophies along the way. Although I only attend weekly intermediate sessions for fun and fitness, I support as much as I can and in all honesty it's amazing to be part of such an incredible club. And to top it off, we won committee of the year. Yay!

Finding an outfit is always the hardest part because it's a black tie event which means getting properly suited and booted, dressed to impress, that kind of thing. I managed to bag this gorgeous black dress with a lace v-neck trim and lace racerback (which sadly I failed to capture on camera) for £18 in the Topshop sale. I loved wearing it and to be honest it's a timeless classic, I'll get plenty of wear out of it and most importantly, you can't beat an LBD. Everyone looked lovely and it was nice to get all dressed up for once, considering we're all normally running round the bar crawl in fancy dress together on a Wednesday night. Pres started at 4.30pm which meant I spent the afternoon leisurely getting ready before we headed to Colwick Hall for 6.30pm.

We paid £38 for a complimentary drink upon arrival, a three course meal and an after party which I didn't make it to. The combination of starting at 4.30pm and wearing heels for seven hours meant I was ready for bed by midnight. Am I becoming a grandma, or what? After a glass of bubbly, we enjoyed pate followed by a chicken main which was really tasty. The awards ceremony commenced before a little disco, as they like to call it, by which point everyone was drunk on the free bottles of wine. Unfortunately this meant that the majority of people were already on the dance floor ignoring the desserts which were waiting on the tables. I must have been drunk because a) I don't drink red wine b) I don't drink white wine and c) I always eat dessert. I'm so sad that it's my last sports ball but I had the best time with the lovely Trent Dance, as always.

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