Eyelure 125 Definition Lashes

Friday, 1 May 2015

Whenever I go on a night out I always wear lashes. My natural lashes are short and straight and I can never quite get the big, bold look I'm after without them. While I usually opt for £1 Primark lashes for a Wednesday social (because let's face it, they've normally fallen off by 1am) when I'm going to something a little more special I like to buy Eyelure lashes. They seem to look more natural and last longer. Plus, I've stumbled across these pre glued ones which are an absolute life saver. I'm normally fiddling about with the glue for ages but these one have a sticky line of black glue on them so you peel the lash off and place it on your eyelid. Completely and utterly fuss free. There's also a spare line of glue on each individual eyelash holder which you can use when you wish to re-use the lashes which is fab. It's very easy to attach the new line of glue when using the instructions and they stay on all night without having to worry whether they're falling off. At £5.25 with pre glue and a minimum of two wears, Definition Pre-Glued 125 get my vote all day every day.

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