Dissertation: Sneak Peak

Friday, 8 May 2015

My dissertation is finally complete and handed in. While technically it's called an MPP (Multi-Platform Project) broken down into four sections, it's practically the same as a final year dissertation which I've been working on for the past seven months since October. I decided to focus on male domestic violence as I strongly feel it's a topic which serves significantly more media attention. This is my double page feature InDesign spread but along with that, I've also written a 3000 word research essay, 3000 word feature, pitch, project plan and tweet. Once I've received my grade I'll probably post a little more of it online but for now, here's a sneak peak on what I've been working so hard on. After stress, endless interviews and hours of transcribing, endless drafts and lots of snacks to keep me going, it's finally done and dusted. Writing about something you're passionate about makes the world of difference and I can only hope that my hard work pays off. Fingers crossed.

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