How To Save: £2 Spending Spree Pot

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

When I have nothing in the near future to save for, I really struggle to put money away as I can always think of things I'd rather spend it on. I'm going travelling in September and while I've got an ongoing savings account for large chunks of money, I wanted a way of saving continuously until I go. And that's where my £2 spending spree pot comes into the equation. I've had it for a while but I've always been reluctant to pop my £2 coins in until now. When full, it holds £1000 which is pretty good going considering you only ever put £2 coins in. Although I probably won't fill it to the brim by the time I go, it'll contribute towards something I need to buy for travelling, so it's actually encouraging me to save a little more where I can. I think they can be bought in most card shops for around £10 and in my eyes, they're a great little way to save without noticing a huge difference.

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