Triple Whammy: Rimmel and Maybelline

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

It's very rare that I'm completely happy with a lot of the products I use on my face on a daily basis so when I realise I'm super keen about three at the same time, I feel it's worth sharing. I've come to realise in the last six to 12 months that Rimmel are an incredibly reliable and affordable brand. I raved about the Rimmel Lasting Fininsh 25 Hour Foundation back in November and after not being able to find the correct colour when it was time to repurchase, I decided to try the Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Foundation which is another great base. It's a little lighter than the 25 hour version but it's still very durable and I've been enjoying wearing it every day. Retailing at £7.99 with SPF 20 it seems perfect for the upcoming sunnier months.

I'm usually loyal to the Collection 2000 concealer as are many other bloggers but once again, Boots clearly hadn't received a delivery because my colour was nowehere to be seen. I'm a fan of the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (shock) and I've used the concealer before so picked it up without a second thought. It's super creamy and brightening meaning it's perfect for those pesky under eye bags. Although it's not as good as some of the high end concealers I've used, it's definitely a little hidden high street gem and the bright packaging makes it easy to locate when rummaging around your makeup bag in the morning. It's also great for covering redness and blemishes which is something I unfortunately suffer with which is an added bonus.

Mascara is something I've struggled with for a while as I'm still yet to find my holy grail. So if you've got any miracle suggestions for a gal with short, straight eyelashes, then send them my way. If i'm honest, I tend to go for whatever is on offer when it comes to needing a new mascara at the moment as I feel a process of elimination is the best way to try and find one that takes my lashes from a 2 to a 10. However, I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with Maybelline's latest offering - Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara. It makes my lashes super black and a little thicker than they are usually with mascara. The pretty packaging gets brownie points and I wouldn't think twice about picking it up again.

What products are you impressed with at the moment?

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