My 21st Birthday Weekend

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Celebrating your 21st birthday means eating, drinking and partying in abundance. Luckily my birthday fell on a Saturday so I spent the Friday evening celebrating with my family in London. My mum, dad, sister and I ventured into the capital city and had the most gorgeous meal at Browns in Victoria, which is a chain. I had chicken liver parfait to start, steak for my main, followed my salted caramel profiteroles. All three courses were incredible and I can hands down say it was the best steak I've ever had, and I've eaten a lot of steak in my 21 years. We treated ourselves to champagne and cocktails to celebrate the occasion and it's certainly a lifestyle I could become accustomed to. We never really spend time together just the four of us so it was really special to spend some quality time together over good food, and even better champagne to accompany us. 

Although we ate a little earlier than we normally would, we got to Browns at the perfect time as our food arrived promptly after ordering. Once we'd finished at half 6 people were finishing work and flooding into the bar so the atmosphere picked up and the London buzz that I love was in full swing. We headed over to Victoria Theatre at 7pm ready for the 7.30pm start of Billy Elliot. We originally wanted to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but we couldn't get good seats so settled for Billy Elliot. I say settled, but it was amazing. So so funny and well produced with lots of swearing, high-quality acting and family humour. We all thoroughly enjoyed the show and at 10.30pm headed back to the tube to go home. We'd left home at 3pm so the first thing I did was collapse into bed just before midnight because I was well and truly exhausted, and bloated.

On Saturday morning I woke up to my excited puppy with a helium 21 balloon tied around his neck which was both the sweetest and funniest thing. Just to clarify I already had the puppy, he wasn't a birthday present! I was lucky enough to receive lots of lovely cards and presents, but was mostly given money for my travelling fund which was so appreciated. My parents got me the most beautiful Olivia Burton rose gold watch and I also got lots of lovely little momentum bits and pieces as well as some really gorgeous, thoughtful gifts from my friends. Mum had a Frozen birthday cake made for me which was perfect and all the family including my grandparents enjoyed a gorgeous lunch at Coast to Coast which is a new American restaurant in town.

I had a chicken fajita wrap with sweet potato fries and the Rum Bongo cocktails were flowing. We had a family afternoon just relaxing before I got dressed up and went out. I may have spent a little too much and drunk a little too much, but I had the best weekend spent with a lot of my favourite people which I'm so thankful for. Sunday afternoon, armed with a hangover McDonald's, mum drove me back to Uni and stayed the night which was lovely as it meant I got to spend one last night with her. Although I've got an assessed newsweek at Uni this week which I'm sure will be both challenging and draining, I've got the weekend to look forward to as I'm celebrating my birthday with all of my Uni favorites and going out on Friday and Saturday, purely to drag out my 21st for as long as possible. Because what's another hungover weekend between friends, eh?

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