Birthday Celebrations Round 2

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

After celebrating my actual birthday weekend at home with friends and family, I decided it was necessary to celebrate with my friends from Uni too. Yep, I basically dragged my 21st birthday out for as long as humanly possible. On Friday a couple of the girls from home came up and we all went out to Forum. Top tip: wear a great big 21 badge and get a free bottle of champers without asking. Sore head in the morning? Check. We decided to do a double whammy and spend the entire weekend celebrating so went to the SU on the Saturday night which was also really fun. The girls got me an apple pie with a candle in which was the cutest thing ever because they know how much I love apple pie, so that was a sweet but unexpected surprise.

It was such good hangover food and next day and me and Abby spent the entire day in bed watching films and recovering. If you want a film recommendation then Love, Rosie is the perfect rom-com chick flick and Inbetweeners 2 guarantees a good laugh. The three of us had a brainwave to order Domino's in advance so come 6pm we were happy, fed, hungover girls almost ready to attack Monday morning. I had two amazing birthday weekends and was lucky enough to spend them with my favourite people. It's so special when the people you care about make the effort to celebrate with you and although I drank and ate far too much in the space of a week and a half, I had the best birthday ever. But in all honesty I'm a little sad that it's now all over.

Until next year...

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