Optrex Eye Revive Brightening Drops

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Some people manage to conceal when they're tired but my red, bloodshot eyes tend to do all the talking. I've had my eye on brightening eyedrops for a while but I've just never picked them up, until now. The process of actually squeezing the liquid into my eye isn't the most pleasant experience to tell the truth, but once I've got over the initial twich/blink episode I'm good to go. These were reduced to around £3 and they reduce redness making my eyes appear whiter, fresher and more awake. Obviously they don't work miracles and make my eyes sparkly, but they definitely create a brighter, whiter effect. Oprex are a reputable, trusted brand when it comes to eyecare so I didn't have any worries trying these. They've proven to be a worthy investment and they're a sleepy morning quick fix I'll definitely be reaching for more often. Because who wants tired eyes?

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