Friday, 5 December 2014

Today, after THREE whole months, I finally get to go home for Christmas for a WHOLE month. This term I've not been back home and I've only seen my family once which is something of a rarity for me. So to say I'm excited would be a complete and utter understatement. I can't quite comprehend the fact that the first term of third year is over. I'll never complete a first term again and that in itself makes me feel incredibly sad. The last twelve weeks have been a blur of so much fun and so many fond memories, but as well as all of the good things, there's been a few lows. Third year is stressful. Like really, really, stressful. I'm at the point where I know all I need is to be at home with my family and take a little bit of time out. It's not going to be the relaxing, festive break I'm craving because I'll be working full time until the 30th as well as prepping for an essay due in January, but I'll be at home in my comfort zone which will be amazing. It's so scary knowing that in less than six months I'll have finished Uni forever. Time literally flies, even more so when you're away from home, and I just want time to slow down so I can enjoy every minute of it until my Uni bubble is burst forever. I'm going to make sure I spend the next four weeks eating my body weight in food, catching up with friends and family and taking a little bit of me time. Because if I can't do that over Christmas guilt-free, then when can I?


  1. Aww and here I am stressing over just second year! Hope you have a wonderful time back home xx


  2. Enjoy it hun! :) We have just over a week in between moving this year where we would otherwise be homeless, so we're going to be staying with my family for a whole week just after Christmas. My partner is probably dreading it (haha!) but I couldn't be more excited. Family time is the best when you're an adult I reckon. :P

    Merry Christmas!