A Little Time to Reflect

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Naturally, the end of a year gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect. 52 weeks pass us by in the blink of an eye and the things which seemed both important and detrimental now seem trivial. Although I feel a little nostalgic over some of the incredible things that happened, I'm in a solid state of contentness ready to let 2014 slip through my fingers. A lot has undeniably changed within the past year and I think it's the first time I actually feel different. I feel like 2014 taught me a lot of life lessons and allowed me to grow into myself and decide what I want. I came out of a three and a half year relationship, let go of people who no longer belonged in my life, embarked upon opportunities which will help to fuel my career and met new, wonderful people.

I finally feel at a point in life where I no longer need to justify myself, my actions or my decisions. The people that like me, like me and the people who don't, don't. One of the most valuable lessons I learnt is that you can't please everyone, despite sometimes wanting to. People outgrow each other and that's okay. Those you lose make room for other exciting and interesting people to enter your life and old memories can be remembered while new memories are made. Having an idea of what you want to achieve is satisfying, but it's also totally okay not to have everything figured out. I learned to feel a lot more comfortable with my own decisions without seeking constant approval because the things I didn't do would hinder nobody but myself. 

In all honesty, it's a pretty scary age because your sense of independence doubles, if not triples. The more time I spend away from home, the more I become comfortable with the prospect of doing things by myself, but it's also taught me to completely and utterly cherish my family and friends. Growing older makes you realise what's actually important and although materialistic things still remain prominent, it's the memories you collect that start to mean the most, not the items you collect. I've gone through the whole spectrum of emotions this year but I'm ending it on a high. I feel ready to embrace a whole new year because when I look back on how far I've come since this time last year, it makes the prospect of another 365 days all the more exciting.

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