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Friday, 21 November 2014

As a third year journalism student, a large proportion of my time has been spent interviewing people for various different deadlines which can be harder than it appears if you don't have the right equipment. An absolute MUST, for me at least, is a dictaphone. There's nothing worse than trying to scribble down notes while trying to listen to what somebody's saying. Recording everything on a dictaphone means you can immerse yourself in the conversation and relax knowing that everything is recorded. I've got the Olympus WS-811 which retails at around £80 but I got it cheaper in the sale over the summer. It has a restractable USB connector which means you can easily transfer the recordings onto your laptop and back them to ensure they're never lost. 

You really don't need to spend a lot on a dictaphone, I used this one on work experience and it was perfectly good.  If I could recommend one accessory to go with any dictaphone it would be a pickup microphone. I've got this Olympus one which is around £15 and it basically saves you from having to have the call on loudpseaker. You plug it into your dictaphone, put the earphone in your ear and place your phone over the earphone and everything records. It's the best little invention ever as it means you can have a discreet conversation while everything is still recorded to a high quality. These two pieces of equipment have made numerous interviews so much less stressful and I'd definitely recommend them to any aspiring journalist.

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  1. I need a dictaphone in my life! I've got two interviews coming up for next month- one face to face and the other is via skype call so this little gem could come in very handy! x