My Fresher Rep Experience

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The last 10 days have been the best, most hilarious, drunken, hungover and amazing string of memories. For those of you who don't know what being a Fresher Rep entails, after you pass the application and interview stage, you get thrown together with around 15 strangers and are assigned to a particular Halls of Residence. Of course it's a little scary as you've never met these people before, but 10 days on, they're your best friends. There were 16 of us and I've honestly never met a nicer, and not to mention funnier, group of people. I feel like it's something of a rarity to be thrown together randomly and all genuinely get on. But we do. And I love it. Repping involves spending all day and all night together, with around 2 hours of 'free time' to yourself per day. We became a little family and spent the entire 10 days just having THE best time. It's completely draining so of course there were some real low points of tiredness (and hangovers), but it was also incredibly rewarding. 

The central focus of being a Fresher Rep is to ensure all the new students settle into Uni life so that was our main priority. We helped them all move in, got them all involved in the day events and took them on all of the nights out. Not only did we all become really close, we also became really friendly with the Freshers which made the experience even better. It was all voluntary and even if only one fresher felt more comfortable, settled and welcome because of us being there, then it was all worth it. Despite only being apart since Sunday, we're all reuniting for a well-needed Nando's tomorrow. I couldn't have asked to rep with a lovelier bunch of people because it certainly wouldn't have been what it was without them. Unfortunately it's back to reality which means starting third year which absolutely terrifies me. I'm so sad it's all over but for now it's time for sensible Sally to come out of the woodwork to secure a journalism degree. Because that isn't scary at all, is it?

Wish me luck!  


  1. Sounds like great fun! I can't wait to go to uni next year :)

    holly la beau

    1. You'll have the most amazing time! Make sure you embrace every minute of it because people are right when they say it's over before you know it. I can't believe I'm in third year and it's nearly all over x