It's Time to Take a Step Back

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Do you ever realise that you've been completely sucked into the blur that is everyday life that you've forgotten to take a moment to think about what's actually going on? Every single day, we moan and cast negatives over insignificant and probably, quite irrelevant details. We're quick to dismiss the true issues and in a way, more prevalent topics fall on deaf ears. We become so encompassed in our lives and our own problems that we forget to look at things on the whole and disregard the bigger picture. But maybe, if we took a step back and deconstructed things a little, things wouldn't seem so bad. And not only that, we'd soon become more grateful and appreciative of the minor things in life instead of wishing that things could change and improve. We want the things we can't have and constantly crave more, but I bet someone out there would kill to have what you have. Not materialistic things, but normality, stability and support - maybe. The things that cost nothing.

One of the saddest things is that the people who have nothing compared to me or you, might never have more. Certain circumstances and situations mean that people can't approach a support network and release everything that's bubbling up inside them. They can't turn to their best friend, have a little cry and feel better about it, because it's constant. They don't avoid talking about it because they don't want to. It's out of fear. Fear that they won't be listened to, taken seriously, believed. I'm not pinpointing one particular issue here, but a whole range of issues that not everybody has the pain of enduring. Domestic abuse, eating disorders, depression, to name a few. I doubt you've ever sat there and thought about having to deal with something like that day in, day out. And I don't mean a second thought when it's briefly addressed in a film or in TV, I mean really thought about what it's like. Because I can only imagine that it's one big, fat, never-ending struggle.

People that have relatively normal, stress-free lives without an incredible burden or pressure on them 24/7 are lucky. Really, really lucky. And you know why? Because the biggest worries some of us have on a daily basis are outfit  and dinner choices. Dealing with an issue or an illness is constant. You can't just turn it off at the flip of a switch and make it disappear, it's something you have to work at in hope of maintaining progression. I can't talk from experience, but I can take a pretty good guess from some of the stuff I've read. Just because people might have different things to deal with besides what what we're used to, it doesn't mean they're weak or less worthy of your time or attention. It means they're brave. Brave for facing up to whatever it is they're suffering with and enduring it. If you've ever read a real-life story or watched a real-life documentary that's reduced you to tears out of pure sadness, then you'll agree. This stuff isn't fiction, it's real life. So the next time you think you've got it bad, take a step back and spare a thought for someone who's got it a whole lot worse.


  1. I really loved this post and you are so right - things that we think are major are nothing compared to what some people have to go through and it isn't their fault. It really makes you grateful for what you have.

    Holly / holly la beau

    1. Thank you Holly. It really does make you appreciate everyone and everything you have. If only we reflected a little more X