A Mini Break

Sunday, 14 September 2014

If you follow me on social media I'm sure you'll be well aware that I'm moving into my new Uni flat in Nottingham tomorrow. I'm living with two of my best friends in a cute little three bed flat and after months and months of planning, it's finally happening. Uni doesn't officially start until the 29th but we're all Fresher Repping for ten days which kicks off with training on Thursday followed by a rep party in the evening. On Friday we'll start moving in the freshers and take them on their first night out. We're helping them right through until the following Saturday by showing them round, taking them to inductions and helping them settle in and we'll finish with the final night on Saturday 27th. Although it's physically draining being out for most of the day, most of the night and doing it all over again on about four hours sleep per night, it's also such a fun, exciting and rewarding experience, so I'm really looking forward to doing it for the second time running.

Moving in tomorrow gives me a few days to settle in, get everything sorted and catch up with Georgia and Abby before the fun begins. Due to the full-on nature of repping, I've decided to take a little break from blogging as it'll be near impossible to keep to my normal schedule. I haven't got any photos or content that I can use to schedule posts so I'm going to take a complete break and start again when it's all over and I've started University. I don't want to rush content or post for the sake of it and I'd rather spend plenty of time creating posts that you'll enjoy, rather than just posting content to fill spaces, so please bear with me. This marks the start of my third and final year of Uni which is exciting yet terrifying at the same time. It's all nearly over and the thought of leaving Uni really saddens me. I'll try my best to keep you up to date with the hurdles and struggles as well as the special and memorable moments I'm hoping to create. I wonder what life has in store...


  1. Best of luck with your first term back and finial year! Make the most of it! Looking forward to reading your posts when your settled in :)


    1. Thanks Emily :) I'll definitely be back in full swing when I've settled in x