Lee Stafford VS Bumble and Bumble

Friday, 8 August 2014

When it comes to hair care - I'm a minimalist. It's either straight or curly. Simple. I don't do fancy up dos and things like that but I do like to add a little bit of texture now that my hair has grown. I started by picking up the Lee Stafford MeSSED uP which smells incredible. It's a little tacky and has quite a sticky texture which is the only downside. It adds texture and dimension to the hair when applied to the ends, but has a tendency to stick the hair together if you use too much due to its slightly wet and sticky properties. The Bumble and bumble Thickening Creme Contour on the other hand is a lot lighter and creamier and also smells amazing. It's much more expensive at £21.50 compared to Lee Stafford's £5.99, but I feel like you can tell the difference in quality. It leaves a much more natural texture but if you're looking to style on a budget then Lee Stafford's MeSSED uP will be more than sufficient. The packaging on both is pleasing to the eye but if you want a little bit of luxury then Bumble and bumble is your best bet.


  1. I've been meaning to try the Bumble and Bumble one for ages, I think the sticky thing would put me off the Lee Stafford one shame really as I love Lee Stafford products normally :) xx


    1. You might find it okay but it was a little too tacky for my liking! You get what you pay for with Bumble and bumble :) x