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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Due to the fact there's so many pictures of food, I feel like I should start by saying that the last few days have been amazing in the food department. My parents are away in Cornwall at the moment so my nan keeps inviting me round for food like a little orphan. She made an incredible fry up on Saturday morning before we went into town and treated me to a scone with jam and cream and a pot of tea when we stopped for a mid shop snack. I wasn't able to make it down to Cornwall this summer as I'm working full-time and I'm really jealous as my mum and dad sound like they're having such a great time staying with our family friends. Me and my nan decided to be there in spirit by having a cream tea which was lovely. 

After we were all shopped out I headed home to get ready as I'd planned a little reunion at mine with all the people I used to work with at Next. We tend to do this around once a year as we're all doing different things now so it's hard to find a time when we're all free. They all came round for drinks and an overdue catch up and it was so nice to see everybody. On Sunday morning I delved into my new Autumn wardrobe. I'd done a bit of Autumn shopping on Saturday and picked up some basics as I like to start early instead of panic buying when I realise I've only got shorts and crop tops to wear in the freezing cold. I love Autumn for clothing as you can get really cosy and layer up with knitwear.

While my parents have been away I've been looking after our puppy who I've become so attached to since moving back home from Uni. We have regular cuddles and I'm currently thinking of a way to sneak him back next month. Me and my nan had to pop into town again and finished with tea and cake at her house and I've decided that tea and cake should be a daily thing. I headed back to my grandparent's house for a roast dinner in the afternoon and my nan knows how much I love roast dinners and apple pie with custard so she did good. When I'm at Uni I don't get to see my nan and grandad much so it was really lovely to spend some quality time with them over the weekend and properly catch up. It's easy to take little things like that for granted but I'm always happy to make time for them as they do so much for me.

On Sunday night Abby came back to stay for her final week of placement in London as she'd gone home for the weekend so on Monday night she suggested pizza pittas for dinner. Oh my. Amazing. This evening we decided to make fajitas before practising shorthand. We have to learn shorthand in third year which is basically a symbol based alphabet to make writing a much quicker process. Our homework over summer was to learn the alphabet and me and Abby have kept putting it off as the book looks scary. We spent an hour learning the alphabet and testing each other and we've planned to do the same tomorrow evening and gradually drill it into our brains. Although I'm feeling a bit run down and a little exhausted, the last few days have been spent with some of my favourite people and some of my favourite food. Perfect.

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