BANG Showbiz: Day Five

Friday, 1 August 2014

This morning didn't look too bright and sunny so I decided to put my trusty black Topshop Joni jeans on. Abby kindly let me borrow her black chiffon top with big daisies on which is super cute. We got the same time train as usual and I think I speak for both of us when I say we were so excited that it was Friday. We've both had such a good week but the early mornings are a killer and I think we're both ready to sleep for a long time tonight. When I arrived in Kentish Town it was pretty overcast so I decided to go into Costa for a hot chocolate. I even had enough points on my Costa card to pay for it which was an added bonus so I sat down for 40 minutes and read my book. Just before 10 I headed to the office and was sat on the main table of desks which was nice as it meant I got to chat to everyone a little more.

My first task was to write some stories up from an interview Lydia did with Cheska from Made in Chelsea last night. She covered a red carpet event which was in association with truTV which is a new TV channel that is launching. I spent about an hour writing up three stories - one about her relationship with her new boyfriend, another about the new MIC New York series and the final one about her style in New York while she was filming. I love Made in Chelsea so really enjoyed writing these extras up. One of them was put on the wire and used by four publications - TV GuideFemale FirstTV3 Xposé and The List which you can read by clicking on the links. James also told me that one of my Foxes stories from yesterday had been used by three of the same publications which you can read herehere and here.

For the rest of the morning I wrote two Georgia May Jagger beauty articles from Lucky magazine which was also interesting as I'm really into fashion and beauty. It was about her beauty secrets and how she makes her skin glow, which by the way is achieved by layering moisturiser (Ren) over her makeup (Rimmel BB Cream). At 1, Lydia, Simran, Jasmine and I decided to treat ourselves and go to Nando's seeing as it was a Friday and it was my last day. I had a quarter chicken with chips and garlic bread and was nursing a serious food coma when I got back to the office. It was so nice to just sit and chat with them all. Nando's lunch breaks are heaven. There wasn't much to be done in the afternoon so I just read heat and OK! and had a little flick through the Metro and MailOnline which was super relaxing.

Rick - who owns the company - asked if he could have a quick word with me and asked me to send him my CV and all the stories I had written. I'd been told he does this with all the interns as a sort of reflective process. He asked me what I'd like to end up doing and was really complimentary, calling me intelligent and a good writer. He said he doesn't think I'll have a problem fulfilling my ambitions and said I was welcome back any time. James also wrote some lovely things on my feedback form: Nicole was extremely enthusiastic throughout her week at BANG and did a  fantastic job. She was keen to learn and her writing was of a very high standard. She conducted a great interview with singer-songwriter Foxes and produced good quality stories from it which we were able to use in our wires. She is welcome back any time. Just before James said we could go, Lydia briefly showed me how to use the CMS - control management system - which is where all the content is uploaded to and scheduled.

I said my goodbyes and thanked James for having me. He said to keep in touch and  I definitely will. I've had such a great week at BANG, was given an incredible opportunity to interview Foxes and was given meaningful and important tasks. I feel like I've learnt a lot from James' feedback and I'm really thankful that everyone has been so welcoming and lovely. Abby also finished work early and brought me lots of beauty goodies as Stylist had a flash beauty sale today. What an absolute babe. We're now going to eat, watch The Hunger Games and enjoy a well deserved lie in tomorrow morning. I've now completed all five weeks of planned work experience and I feel very happy and extremely content. It's helped me confirm what I want to do and has given me the motivation to work hard in third year in order to achieve it. 

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