Top 5 Bold Lips

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

In the last six months or so, I've become a bit of a bold lip lover. I used to always go for a nude lip in the day time and save something bright for an occasion but the best lip lesson I've learnt is that there is no bad time to pull out a bold lip. I tend to go for different shades of reds as they tend to suit me better than pinks and oranges. Although I've got a fair few in my collection, I'm still adding to it. My all time favourite has to be MAC Ruby Woo which is usually my night out go-to lip colour as it's long-lasting, highly pigmented and the perfect red. If I'm looking for a red lip to wear in the day, I'll usually opt for the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking. It's got a lovely peppermint scent, is super hydrating and the colour isn't too in your face. It's a pretty subtle red which gives the perfect flush of colour across the lips.

I have a pinkier shade of red which comes from Barry M which is also matte. See a recurring theme here? I'm a bit of a matte obsessive. The Barry M Lip Stain is in 419 and is lovely, fresh and bright. It's lovely and lightweight on the lips and something a little different to what I usually wear. The L'Oreal red is 461 Scarlett Creme which I got free in a free gift a few months back. It's another classic red and is really nourishing and soft on the lips. It applies like a dream and the longevity is seriously impressive. Last but not least is my trusty Rimmel Kate Moss 107 which is a deeper, darker, vampier red. It's perfect for autumn and winter but can also be worn in the summer. No rules, remember. I'm loving wearing bold lips this summer and I'm excited to invest in more for autumn because there's always room for another.


  1. I love a bold lip, and I'm definitely getting braver with my daytime looks too! Gorgeous picks - you can't beat a bit of Kate Rimmel 107 and the Barry M stain is gorgeous, I haven't tried any of those! Lovely post Nicole, hope you're well :)


    1. Me too Amber! I used to save bold lips for nights out but I feel much more confident wearing them in the day now. Hope you're well too :) x