Star Magazine: Week Two Day Ten

Friday, 18 July 2014

It was meant to be 31 in London today so I decided to wear a little orange dress, although I was adamant I'd get caught in a storm on the way home. The journey was pretty uneventful and I arrived earlier than normal for some reason. I was sat at Gemma's desk with Stephen (Features Editor). Joel (Writer), Nick (Freelance), Kelly (Assistant Editor) and Karen (Deputy Editor). It was really nice as I was able to listen to the discussions regarding the mag and got to have a look at the flat plans. So many changes are made throughout the day from things being completely pulled and replaced, to the order of the content being moved around so it's really important to keep on top of things and take note of any changes, especially for the legal side. I was responsible for handing out updated flat plans to the entire team and liasing with Amy from new! and Jamie from Star regarding the pages that were ready to go to legal. I took several trips to deliver pages making sure I crossed them off as I went and updated the sheet with any changes.

In and amongst this I wrote two more Big Picture pieces for Stephen as he said I'd been writing some really good stuff which was lovely. All four pieces will be in next week's mag which is super exciting. I'd heard that Stephen was looking for some info online so I offered to help and do some research for him which he was really grateful for. I think I managed to find what he was after so after compiling a list I sent it across to him. Another task I completed was transcribing a short interview for Joel. I was solidly busy until half 2 which just goes to show how much of a fast-paced job it is as I was having to multitask what with being responsible for legal and doing other jobs. I drank a strawberry, raspberry and cranberry Naked juice throughout the morning and it was so tasty. Usually I'm starving by 1 and snack throughout the morning so I'd definitely recommend it if you're on a bit of a health kick, want to get plenty of the right vitamins and nutrients and want to cut out snacking throughout the day which I'm guilty of. 

I sat outside during lunch and ate my chicken salad but had to take myself inside as it was just too hot. The afternoon consisted mainly of legal stuff as I had to chase pages, run pages to legal and make sure all updated copy had been checked too. In between I browsed MailOnline as usual as there wasn't anything I could help anyone with. Friday afternoons are mainly about getting everything finished off. I got to 5.45 and thanked Karen and Kelly for having me who said to keep in touch. Gemma also left me a post it note thanking me for being amazing and I'm so pleased I've made a good impression. Gemma's lovely feedback read: "Nicole was enthusiastic and very proactive whilst working at Star Magazine. She was so good I left her in charge of legal duties whilst I was off one day. Nicole is a self-starter and completed every task quickly, effectively and to the best of her ability. Well done Nicole!"

The tube home was horrendous. I've never been so hot in my life. I met my friend for dinner and drinks after and it was so nice to catch up as I haven't seen her in about six months as we're both at uni. I've had such an invaluable and incredible experience at Star and I'm so thrilled to have got four bylines in the mag and to have had seven pieces published online, as well as being given the legal responsibility. I've learnt so much during my two weeks and I'd definitely love to go back again. I've met some lovely people and everyone has been really friendly and welcoming, giving me opportunity to learn, grow and get published. It seems surreal that I've now completed two weeks at heat and two weeks at Star! I've got one more week of work experience lined up at BANG Showbiz at the end of July and that completes my five week work experience stint this summer. Now back to normality for a little bit.

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