Star Magazine: Week Two Day Six

Monday, 14 July 2014

I woke up pretty tired this morning after my weekend shenanigans and decided to dress a little more casual today. The sun was out so I wore my pale denim high waisted jeans I got in the River Island sale at the weekend, a white strapless top and a black collarless blazer with black sandals. I was squashed between two people on the train but thankfully still managed to read my book. With limited arm room, mind. I started reading the first Hunger Games book a few months back but for some reason stopped at chapter 8 so I decided to give it another go. I'm really into it again and the train journey went super quick, I was actually a little gutted when I had to get off and stop reading. Bit sad, right?

I went and sat outside on the terrace when I arrived this morning and discovered that Cheryl Cole got married last week. WHAT!? Not only is she gorgeous she's also got a fit French husband. Way to make a girl feel good on a Monday morning, eh? But what did make me happy was sitting on the sunny terrace overlooking the Thames in the sunshine, feeling very content. I'll certainly miss it next Monday when I'm not at Star anymore. There's a man who is always in and out of the office every day and he's so friendly and chatty. He always says good morning and chats away and it's nice to come across genuinely friendly, polite and talkative people. I think his job surrounds IT but he always makes an effort to chat to me which is nice. Some strangers can be a little reserved so it makes a nice change to say the least.

My first job of the morning was to finish transcribing an interview Joel had started transcribing which didn't take too long as there was only five minutes left. I then sorted out all the print out pages for tomorrow's issue for Gemma like I did last week. This job consisted of arranging the pages into the correct categories ready to be filed away. I did this last Monday so I knew what I was doing and both jobs were completed by 11. Gemma gave me tomorrow's issue of Star and new! so I spent the next two hours reading those as there wasn't anything I could help with. I then got my daily Mail Online fix until 2 when I took lunch. I went back up to my fave place for lunch - the sunny terrace on the ninth floor. It's so nice eating outside in the sunshine, especially with such an amazing view. After I'd eaten I became a bookworm again and was engrossed in my book for the remainder of my lunch. 

When I went back down I emailed Katie to see if she needed any help and she asked me to come up with some questions for a celeb interview she was doing, so I spent half an hour doing that before emailing them over. Gemma then asked me to go through the mailout list and find out which labels we had run out of and which labels we were short of. Once I'd done that I printed off the labels and started sending the mags out. There's close to 100 companies/people on the list so it can be a very time consuming task. Some of the labels were makeshift as Gemma has an order on backlog so she helped me with those and it took us until about half 5. For the last half hour I browsed the Mail Online again and read that Cheryl has changed her Twitter handle from @CherylCole to @CherylOfficial. Mrs Fernandez-Versini, maybe? 

On the tube home I saw a grown man, in a suit, pick his nose and then put his finger in his mouth (I can only assume he ate it) WHILE reading the newspaper. Maybe men can multitask after all? I genuinely can't comprehend some people's behaviour and social etiquette ON THE TUBE. Public. Tube. Now I know we all have our flaws but come on, there's boundaries. After work I caught up with some friends and we went for a Nando's. I've seen Demi a lot since being back from Uni but we hadn't seen Liz in about a year. We had SO much to catch up on and it was so nice to go for food and just talk, and talk, and talk. It was such a nice girly night and I haven't had a Nando's in AGES so it was definitely a welcome treat. 

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