Star Magazine: Week Two Day Seven

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

This morning I woke up early to blog as I was too tired when I got in last night which meant I had time to make a cuppa which is a rarity. I wore my black and white high waisted trousers which are elasticated around the waist and ankles with a black top and black sandals. I read my book on the journey again and was genuinely a little concerned that I was going to fall asleep. An early night is definitely on the cards tonight. Grandma mode has been reactivated. The tube was unusually spacious and quiet this morning which was a welcome break from the usually cramped and stuffy journey. I continued to read my book on the sunny terrace when I arrived at the offices and went downstairs just before 10. My first job was to transcribe an interview Katie did yesterday. She said that although the person talks a lot, she trusted me to do it because I'm good at transcribing which was sweet. I love the person she was interviewing so it was really interesting listening and transcribing. It was quite a long one and at around 12.15 Gemma asked me to start a new task to give me a break. Karen (Deputy Editor) wanted me to do some research on a feature she was working on. Most of the research I had previously done was based on background info for questions but this was actually finding things off my own back which was really interesting.

Before I knew it, it was 2pm so I went on lunch and once again carried on reading my book. As geeky as it sounds, it's so nice to have time to just relax and read. After lunch I got a cuppa and headed back down to my desk. Gemma asked me to do the horoscopes like last week so I spent half an hour picking a celeb for each starsign which is a little job I enjoy doing. I spent half an hour browsing the website and the Mail Online before Stephen (Features Editor) asked me to do a favour for him. Each week there's a Big Pictures double page spread and he asked me to have a go at one of the three pieces. He sent me over the info and images as well as forwarding the email from Karen. She told Stephen I did great research for her and to ask me to work on a Big Pictures piece as it would be nice for me to get a byline. How lovely! I was so pleased that I had impressed Karen and that she was giving me the opportunity to get my name in print. 

Harry Derbidge and Luisa Zissman interviews are two of the ones I transcribed last week

Obviously I wanted to impress Stephen as well so I spent an hour working on the piece, editing it and proofing it. I sent it over at about 5 and he said it was a good effort and he liked it, only making slight amendments. So hopefully, I'll get a byline in next week's edition which is super exciting! I loved the photo I'd been given and I really enjoyed working on it as it's something I haven't previously done during my time at Star. Joel then asked me to come up with some questions for an interview he's doing tomorrow which I did for the last hour and he said my questions were great which was positive.  A lady called Karen who does the reviews pages was in today on my set of desks and so was a freelancer called Nick so we chatted at points throughout the day. Nick and I had a couple of lengthy conversations about Uni, dissertations, careers and journalism which I found really interesting. He seems really wise and clued up on the industry and made some good points. One of the things I really love about work experience and journalism in general is the people you get to meet and talk to. It's such a social industry and it's always valuable to listen to what other people say and if relevant, take advice. He worked at Nuts and now freelances for a history magazine and Star so it just shows there's opportunity for variety.

At 6 I headed out of the office and once again the journey wasn't plain sailing. I was about to go through the ticket barriers into Bank station and I didn't realise that the man in front's Oyster Card hadn't worked. I put my ticket through and he went through the barriers and they closed on me which was just embarrassing. I tried to swipe my ticket through again but of course, it was showing as already being used so 'seek assistance' was my only option. I turned round to go and find someone and a solid 8/10 was staring at me in the face. I must have looked like such a spanner. I swear embarrassing and unfortunate encounters follow me around. Oh well, you've just got to laugh! The train home was shared with a VERY selfish arm room hogger with extremely hairy arms AND a furiously loud and angry typer so it wasn't the most pleasant of journeys. Today has been super busy and equally as exciting and rewarding and I'm noticing that I'm being given more tasks and more responsibility which can only be a good thing, right? I'm going to go for a run (Couch25k I WILL complete you), eat, get in my dressing gown and just chill out. Oh, and a special mention to one of my best friends Abby who is 20 today. Happy Birthday! 


  1. Ah, it sounds like you are doing so well Nicole! x

    1. Thank you Amber, I had an amazing time!X