Star Magazine: Week Two Day Nine

Thursday, 17 July 2014

I woke up at about 5 this morning and was so pleased when I realised I could sleep for another two hours. It was boiling hot again so I decided to wear my tie dye maxi skirt and black textured top, although I did regret wearing black. My hair isn't coping too well in this heat much to my disapproval. Talk about first world problems. The train journey to Euston was quite pleasant and I managed to read my book for half an hour with no intrusions of arms, legs or annoying ringtones. The tube has never been as hot as it was this morning, it was borderline unbearable. I feel genuinely sorry for men who have to travel in that heat in suits. Troopers. I grabbed a caramel cream frappuccino from Starbucks when I arrived and found another spot in the shade to read my book. There was no way I could deal with sitting in the sun without seriously considering jumping into the Thames to cool down. 

Daisy came back today so after we had a bit a of a catch up she asked me to write a story for online. I obviously haven't done this since she left last week so it was nice to have another go at writing one which you can read here. After I finished, Joel asked me to come up with some questions for an interview he's doing tonight. It was a slightly different angle to the questions I've previously come up with so it was a little more difficult. After I'd sent my questions over I transcribed an interview for Joel which took quite a while as it was around 25 minutes. Gemma also said that she's leaving me in charge of all the legal stuff when she's away tomorrow. I'll basically be responsible for taking the pages to Star's in-house lawyer to be checked legally before they're published, and crossing them off the mag plan once they've been checked. I'm flattered she trusts me enough to leave me with some of her responsibility. It's an ongoing thing I'll be doing throughout the day while I'm completing other tasks for the team like I usually do.

At 2 I took my lunch for an hour and carried on reading my book. There wasn't any room on the terrace so unfortunately I had to sit inside but I'd have probably overheated out there anyway. After lunch Daisy asked me to write a story for online but I had to stop to transcribe an urgent interview for Stephen which took me up until 5. Daisy finished the second half of the story which you can read here so we pretty much wrote half each. Stephen was so grateful that I'd that I'd transcribed the interview for him and it's nice when people are so appreciative of what you're doing. For the last hour there wasn't much to do so I had a chat with Rebecca (freelance who was in for two days last week).

She mentioned the breaking news that a Malaysian airline plane had been allegedly shot down in Eastern Ukraine on the Russian border which got us talking about the missing Boeing 777 from a few months ago. Somehow we got onto travelling and Uni amongst other things and it was just nice to have a proper conversation with her as I haven't previously had the opportunity. Ten minutes before the end of the day Gemma showed me round where I needed to go for the legal stuff and introduced me to a few people I'll need to liaise with. As she's not in tomorrow I thanked her for having me and she said I'd been great which was lovely. I'll definitely keep in touch with her via email as she's a lovely girl.

The tube home was hot. And sweaty. And gross. Really, really gross. It resembled sardines. No embarrassing encounters though thankfully. Although I still can't get over why people read standing up. The worst thing was probably sticky skin on skin arm contact which when thinking about it, is probably very unhygienic. I went for a run tonight and although it was SO tough in the heat, the view was incredible. I'm on week four of Couch25k and finally feel like I'm making some progress! I've just eaten and now I'm going to jump in the shower and collapse into bed straight after. Tomorrow is my last day at Star and I'm also going for dinner with one of the girls who I haven't seen in ages which will be lovely. 

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