Star Magazine: Week Two Day Eight

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The sun woke me up this morning as it was so ridiculously bright. Although it's SO much easier to get out of bed when it's bright blue skies outside. I wore my tropical print skirt which I love with a plain black tee, a silver Aztec necklace and black sandals. My train was delayed which made it super busy but I managed to get a seat after the first stop. Today's public transport bug bears were phones not on silent and leg room thiefs. It was SO hot this morning when I arrived at half 9 I had to find a chair partially in the shade by the Thames just so I wouldn't fry. I actually remembered my sunglasses today so I managed to read my book without squinting. I'm so sad I won't get to enjoy sunny London mornings next week.

The first couple of hours were pretty quiet so I spent my time catching up with all the latest news and celeb showbiz gossip on the Mail Online. At 12 Stephen came over and asked me if I wanted to do another Big Picture piece as I did a great job yesterday. I obviously jumped at the chance and spent the next hour writing the piece up. I haven't had feedback on it yet but hopefully I'll have another byline under my belt. Gemma gave me a print out of my A4 BP piece in next week's mag complete with my byline which is so exciting! I can't post the pic yet as it obviously isn't being published until Tuesday but I'll be sure to pop it on my Twitter or Insta when it's out. Kelly (Assistant Editor) then asked me to transcribe an interview for her which took me up until half 2 as I wanted to finish it before I went for lunch. 

I spent my hour lunch break up on the sunny terrace and finished my book. Like the geeky reader I am, I predicted that I'd finish today so I put the next book in my bag ready to start. Seamless transition or what! I didn't want to go back down purely because it was so gorgeous up there. When I did return I transcribed an interview for Joel which took an hour and I do feel like the more practise I'm getting, the better I'm becoming at transcribing more quickly and accurately. There wasn't much to do for the last hour and a half so I again browsed the Mail Online and Star website. I had another chat with Nick and found out that he was the deputy editor of Nuts before it shut down. He's so interesting to talk to and I feel like I've learnt bits and pieces just by chatting to him. Before I knew it it was 6pm and time to head home. The days literally fly by in the office and I've found that I'm never clock watching which is always a good sign. Daisy is back tomorrow so it will be nice to catch up with her and see how her holiday went. 

The tube home was eventful as usual. I couldn't  stick to my normal strategy of placing myself just inside the doors, instead I was wedged right in the middle WAY too close to another male passenger. Not too close for comfort in the sense that you'd rather be a few more inches away. Inappropriately close. I think if we'd have both turned our heads at the same time we'd be kissing, which was a situation I desperately wanted to avoid. I also heard a baby screaming and came to the realisation that taking a baby on the tube is mean. And taking a pram on the tube is stupid. And feeding yoghurt to your screaming baby - who is in a pram, on the tube - is both mean AND stupid. Tonight is another chilled one for me. I'm once again tired from commuting so I'm going to get comfy, watch TOWIE with a cuppa and have an early night.

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