Star Magazine: Week One Day Three

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

This morning was a struggle as I was super tired and could have easily rolled over and gone back to sleep. I was a little late getting up which meant I had to rush which I absolutely hate doing (hence why I had to take my outfit pic when I got home and had already put my hair in a top knot). I wore my black skinny Topshop jeans, snakeskin cami and heeled ankle boots with my leather jacket because it looked pretty overcast outside. For some reason beyond my knowledge, my hair decided not to cooperate and symbolised that of a birds nest this morning. The humidity certainly wasn't in my favour. I got the same time train as yesterday and arrived with half an hour to spare to read my book. It's called Pear Shaped and is a novel about love, heartbreak and dessert. The main character Sophie depicts a normal girl who has body hang-ups, overthinks every imaginable situation and wants to find someone who makes her happy and treats her well. I'm already over halfway through in three days which speaks volumes.

Anyway, there wasn't much to do this morning so I browsed the celeb magazine websites and the Mail Online to catch up with all the celeb news and gossip. It's interesting to see how different online organisations write the same story differently and have their own writing style and tone. Although Daisy was away today a lady called Rebecca was sat next to me and she was really nice and friendly. I told her that if she needed any help with anything throughout the day to let me know, so she asked if I could go on Twitter and find some potential story leads. It's actually surprising how helpful a little bit of Twitter research (okay, stalking) can be. I found a pic Justin Bieber posted of him and Yovanna Ventura and then went through both of their Instgram accounts to find more pics to support the lead. This is one of the leads I sent to Sarah and it was turned into a story and posted on the website which was pretty cool.

That took me up until around half 11 and I spent the rest of the morning browsing online at different newspapers and magazines. I think it's important to read other publications as well as the one you're working/interning for as it widens your vocabulary and can open your eyes to a fresh and exciting way of writing. At 1.30 I took my lunch and headed upstairs to the cafeteria to eat. I sat inside as it wasn't particularly sunny outside and once again was gripped by my book. At half 2 I got a cuppa and headed back down to my desk. Gemma had gone out to do an interview so I emailed Joel and said I was free if there was anything he'd like me to help with. He asked me to transcribe an interview so I spent two hours sitting with my headphones in, sipping my tea, transcribing the interview which I enjoyed. 

I've always been a bit sceptical about the person he was interviewing but she came across really honest and up front which made me secure a positive opinion of her. Plus, it's always exciting listening to what was said before it gets published! The rest of the afternoon was relatively quiet again so I went back to browsing online. Stories are constantly being posted online so there's always something to read. Star share the offices with two other magazines - new! and OK! so I was reading their online stories too which was interesting. Joel asked me to start transcribing another interview for the last ten minutes of the day which I happily did. I'll carry on with it in the morning which should keep me busy for a couple of hours. I had a pretty uneventful tube ride to Euston - no bums on legs today. Oh, and after reading something about Jamie Dornan online, I made plans with myself to see 50 Shades of Grey on Valentine's Day.

I wish I could be bothered to go for a run and complete the last session in week three of Couch25k like a good human being but truth is, I'm going to sit in my dressing gown and have a carb fest. Girl needs pasta. I'm hoping tonight's game is as hilarious as last nights (I'm totally NOT a football fan whatsoever, but last night's shenanigans on the pitch were highly amusing). Then I'm going to watch TOWIE in bed with a cuppa. It's Thursday tomorrow which means I'm seeing Georgia after work. She's one of my best friends from Uni who I'm living with next year and she's currently doing work experience at Look magazine. We're going to see Wicked which I'm so excited for. I've been so busy since being home from Uni so I'm looking forward to a proper girly catch up. Best go, I've got serious pasta indulging to do.


  1. This sounds great! I remember my friend and I staying in London for a week when she interned at Star a few years ago, and seeing shows every night! It was amazing. I love these posts, I want you to just keep doing internship after internship forever! x

    1. Aw thank you, I'm really glad you enjoy these posts! I'm doing another one next week so there will be more to read :) X

  2. Wicked is amazing! Have a great time tonight lovely!