Star Magazine: Week One Day Four

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Today looked really overcast again so I opted for my black and white skort, black tights and a black top. I wore my black ankle boots and leather jacket again which was a bad idea as it was boiling on the tube. Oh, and thick tights while commuting are a no-no. Screw you 80 denier. Rookie error. I was awkwardly sat between two people this morning and barely had room to move my arms to read my book which was uncomfortable to say the least. I didn't fancy sitting outside to read my book when I arrived as it had just started raining so I went up to the cafeteria. I headed down to the office just before 10 and carried on transcribing the interview I was doing for Joel yesterday. It took me a little while and straight after I'd finished I transcribed another interview. At face value, listening to people speak while you type out what's being said sounds a bit laborious but I actually enjoy doing it. That took me up until half 12 and I spent an hour catching up on news and gossip online via the likes of the Mail Online.

At half 1 I took my lunch and got a jacket potato from the cafeteria before reading more of my book. I've nearly finished it and I'm actually a little bit sad. I never usually find time to read but commuting allows me to read on my journey and on lunch which I'm enjoying. I think I'm going to have to buy another book for next week. At half 2 I got a cuppa and headed down to the office ready for the afternoon. I emailed Katie and asked if there was anything she wanted me to do and she came over and said I could help out with the Star-O-Meter piece. I had to look online for quirky little things for the hot and not sections. There's three of each so I found five examples of each and emailed them to her. She said the stuff I'd found was what they'd usually include which was positive. It was fun to do something different and it was something I enjoyed researching. I like all the little different bits and pieces that make Star what it is so it's nice to be able to work on different elements of the mag. 

After I had finished that, Gemma asked me if I could cut some pages out. The pages for the following week's issue are printed on A3 pages so I had to use the guillotine to cut around the pages to make them A4. These pages were for new! as Gemma is the editorial assistant for both Star and new! so that's another task I completed. The rest of the afternoon was pretty quiet so again, I spent a lot of time reading things online. Billie Faiers gave birth to her baby girl which was exciting! I get a lot of inspiration for article ideas for my blog while I'm reading content online so I'm always jotting down different ideas when things pop into my head. Before I knew it it was 6pm and time to go and meet Georgia for a girls night.

I got the central line from Bank to Oxford Circus and then hopped on the Victoria line to Victoria. We met in Starbucks and grabbed some food (a ham and cheese toastie and a mocha cookie crumble) while we spoke at a million miles an hour trying to fill each other in on our lives. It's safe to say we needed the entire evening to catch up! But at half 7 we went across the road to The Apollo Theatre to see Wicked which was incredible. The set was amazing and there was so many different set changes which were made so discreet. Apart from knowing it's the prequel to The Wizard of Oz I didn't know what to expect but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The singing and performances were flawless and we had such a nice time. Especially the interval glass of rose part. But what's a catch up without wine, right?

Having a night out in London makes me think it's Friday so I think I'm going to struggle getting up in the morning. It'll be gone 12 by the time I actually get into bed and fall asleep but I'm looking forward to my last day of my first week at Star. It was so lovely to see Georgia and I wish we could have spent longer together. This week has gone so quickly and as always I'm drained from commuting. I'm still loving being surrounded by the London buzz and I'm intrigued to see what tomorrow has in store. I must sleep else there's a strong possibility I might snooze my alarm too many times in the morning. 

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