Star Magazine: Week One Day Five

Friday, 11 July 2014

I found it SO difficult to get up this morning after going to sleep at about 1am and literally had to drag myself out of bed which meant I was running a little late again. It was raining outside and really dull and grey so I wore a black skirt and black lace top. Once again I wore my trusty black heeled ankle boots and leather jacket. There's no guilt attached to wearing all black when the weather is horrific. I got the slightly later 8.28 train and sat in a comfy seat with an armrest and a table and finished my book. I felt like it was a bit of an abrupt ending but I enjoyed the book all the same. I went and sat up in the cafeteria again and chilled (people watched) until it was nearly 10am and time to go down to the office.

There wasn't an awful lot to do this morning so I spent the best part of two hours catching up with news and gossip online and reading through the Mail Online. I also emailed both Joel and Katie asking if they needed any help. Joel asked me to think of some questions for a celeb feature he's doing so after he briefed me on what it was about and gave me an idea of the kind of things he was looking for, I got started. He wanted the questions to be quite cheeky and said to have a look at a few issues of Now for inspiration. It took me about 45 minutes to come up with 20 questions and Joel said to keep working on them throughout the day. I was then about to transcribe another 60 seconds interview for Joel but Katie had an interview that she needed transcribing more urgently so I did that which took me up until 2.

During the morning Gemma came over and asked how I was getting on and if I had enjoyed my week which was really sweet. I've had a really good week learning how the mag comes together and completing different tasks for different elements on the mag. It's been a real insight into Star and she said she'd come back later for a proper chat which was nice of her. At 2 I took my lunch for an hour and drained my battery as I finished my book this morning. I swear iphone battery, or the lack of, is the bane of my life. After lunch I got a cuppa as usual and headed back down to my desk. I'd finished transcribing the interview for Katie before lunch so I cracked on with the 60 seconds for Joel. 

This is a fun little element of the mag and it's always interesting to listen to the celebs' answers. After I finished that, Joel asked me to come up with some questions for a celeb interview he's doing on the reviews page. I did some research and spent time thinking of questions which were quite fun and cheeky as that's the route Joel wanted to go with the interview. I looked at the review interviews in past Star mags to get a feel for the style and spent the beginning of the afternoon getting a list of questions together. I came up with 20 like I did for the previous one and sent them over to him. He said they were all really good which was lovely to hear as it shows my efforts and enthusiasm aren't going unnoticed. 

Gemma then came over and we had a general chit chat about our plans for the weekend. I then asked her about work related things and asked how she landed her role as editorial assistant for Star and new! which was interesting to hear about. She studied for a journalism degree in Luton and did work experience at Star at the beginning of her third year and returned to do more experience after graduating. Natasha - who now works at OK! Online - asked her to cover her while she was on holiday and when she left Star, she took over her role. Then the two mags merged and she became the editorial assistant of both. She only graduated last year and has spent the last four months in an amazing job. 

She said if I wanted national newspaper work experience then I could email the newspapers upstairs (the Express and Daily Star) and when I explained how I felt a bit torn between fashion and beauty and news and features she said I was more than welcome to spend one day next week upstairs in the fashion cupboard with Jemma which I might take her up on. She was really helpful and encouraged me to get as much experience as possible. It was so nice to get to properly sit down and chat to her as she's been busy all week so we haven't really had a chance to talk. At 5 she said we could go which was perfect timing as I can't wait for the weekend. My disturbing experience today was when a tramp came up on me in Bank tube station and said 'You have beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile now give me some food please'. At least he had manners, I guess. I would have given him my apple but he only had bottom teeth.

I've really enjoyed my first week at Star and although I feel knackered from the 12 hour days what with commuting, these work experience placements are invaluable. A degree can only teach you so much and the best way to grow and improve is by being in your chosen environment, being practical and doing it yourself. I've worked on a number of different tasks this week from writing and researching to prepping questions and transcribing and I'm looking forward to the variety next week will bring. I love being in the centre of London and I really do feel lucky to have this experience under my belt ready to mould me into the person I want to be professionally. It'll also be nice to look back on these blog posts in five years time when I'm 25 with a degree in journalism and see where I am, compared to the vision I have now.

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