BANG Showbiz: Day Three

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I had a nightmare deciding what to wear this morning as I knew I had to go straight from the office to the launch party, but in the end I opted for my trusty tropical print skirt and black off the shoulder top. It was dull and overcast but I'd much rather be cold than hot while travelling. Me and Abby got the same time train as usual and I arrived in Kentish Town early enough to read Stylist magazine with a cuppa in Costa. Just before 10 I headed to the office and did some more Foxes research until half 10. Rebecca then asked me to transcribe a couple of interviews she did on Monday. The first one I transcribed was with Reece Shearsmith who is going to play Sean Smith in a new four-part ITV drama. The drama focuses on a missing persons unit and I hadn't previously heard about it, but I'm definitely going to try and watch it as I like ITV dramas. I finished it just before one and then headed to lunch to enjoy the sunshine.

Matt from Exposure PR had left me a voicemail so I got all my sheets of paper out ready to write down anything important he said. Just as he picked up the phone ALL my sheets flew away and the only thing I could do was chase them down the street, with LOTS of people looking at me, while trying to listen to this nice guy on the phone. It wouldn't have mattered so much if they hadn't have had my questions, research, directions AND the press release on. Luckily a lovely man on a motorbike and a woman sitting on a bench saved two of the pages and I managed to grab the rest myself. It was THE most embarrassing thing and I knew at that moment that the rest of the day wasn't going to run smoothly. After lunch I went back to the office and started transcribing the second interview which took me up until half 3. The second interview was with Noel Clarke - another member of Chasing Shadows who will play Carl Prior.  I spent until half 4 finalising all my questions and research to make sure I was fully prepared and headed to the station with an hour to get to the location of the launch which was in Brick Lane in Shoreditch. 

I planned my route last night and was meant to get the Northern line to Euston, Victoria line to Highbury and Islington, overground to Shoreditch High Street and then walk 5 minutes to the venue. I spent ten minutes on a stationary Victoria line carriage only to be told there was a technical fault. I had absolutely no idea of any other route and frantically asked strangers for help and got contradicting responses. Once I'd told one of the station staff about five times that there was a fault on the Victoria line, she finally told me to get the Northern line to Moorgate and then hop on to the Cirlce line to Liverpool Street. I was already running late due to the technical fault and diversion and was stressing as I knew I wouldn't be on time. Long story short, I ran from Liverpool Street to the venue having to ask for directions from about 20 different people as I had NO idea where I was and my Google maps couldn't have chosen a worse time not to work. I met the loveliest guy who basically walked me from the bottom of Brick Lane to the Old Truman Brewery and it's safe to say that he's well and truly restored my faith in human kind. He even told his friend who he bumped into that he couldn't stop and chat as he had to show me the way. What a gent. 

I texted Matt mid run to explain the situation and luckily he was also running late. I still felt awful but it was out of my control and Matt said not to worry. When I arrived I chatted to Matt for a bit and he was really lovely and friendly. And fit. I then grabbed a Glaceau vitaminwater - the brand who are behind the launch. It's basically a seven week workshop to inspire people to be creative within music and arts. There are also one off mentoring sessions with Foxes and Jamal Edwards among many more. It's a really cool concept and if you want to know more, pop 'shinebright studio launch' into Google. After about 20 minutes, armed with my notebook and dictaphone, Matt took me to meet Foxes. She was so friendly and immediately introduced herself and shook my hand which instantly put me at ease. I had about ten minutes with her and asked her all sorts of questions. The interview was over before I knew it and I thanked Foxes for her time and waited for Abby to arrive. Oh, and she got lost too. What a pair.

The venue which is on 91 Brick Lane is very spacious and airy and has a really urban feel to it. It's the ideal space to fuel creativity and I can image it would be very therapeutic and relaxing to work in. When Abby arrived we had a few drinks and watched Foxes perform. She literally has the most incredible voice and it was so lovely to see her perform to a small crowd as you could really hear her vocals. After her performances we grabbed another drink and had our photo taken. It was for this unique project called Common Experience where you get your photo taken next to another person and your faces are merged. Unfortunately we didn't get a copy as there was a backlog but we watched the guys editing it and it's so clever. At around 9 we left to get fish and chips in newspaper and enjoyed the evening city buzz while walking back to the station. I had such a lovely evening and am so grateful I was given the opportunity to attend the launch and interview Foxes. I'm excited to transcribe the interview tomorrow! 

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