BANG Showbiz: Day Four

Thursday, 31 July 2014

After a distinct lack of sleep after last night's late antics, I didn't feel too tired this morning. I decided to go a little more casual and wear jeans, a black tee and black sandals. As soon as me and Abby got to the station I realised I'd left my phone in the car and had no way of getting it as my mum's phone was on silent and she was on her way to work. Abby saved the day by giving me her watch so I at least had sense of the time, and we both had a little snooze on the way to Euston. I got to Kentish Town pretty early again and sat and read my book for a while. When I headed into the office I told James and Lydia all about the launch and my interview with Foxes and started transcribing the interview. I was worried I wouldn't be able to hear it clearly as there was pretty loud background music, but my dictaphone did good.

It took me an hour to transcribe and I then chatted to Lydia for a bit while James read it over and sent it back to me. He'd highlighted different sections in different colours and wanted everything in green in one story, everything in red in another and so on. He said I had got some really good stuff which I was pleased with. I then worked on writing up the six stories and wrote them on various things such as her upcoming appearance on Dr Who, why she never auditioned for the X Factor, her style secrets, life mantra and key to success, fame and her fans and her mum being her biggest inspiration. I was happy with the stories so sent them over to James before going to lunch with Lydia and Simran. We went and sat in the park and it was nice to just chat and relax. They're both really lovely so we had a nice lunch.

When I got back from lunch James came and gave me some feedback. He was impressed with my stories and gave me a few little bits of advice so I could make some changes. He said I'd got the structure spot on in each of them, but highlighted some small style pointers. I really like getting in-depth feedback and I think that it's really nice that he makes the effort to come over and see me, chat to me about what I've written and talk me through what's good and what I can do to improve. I always make sure I note it down so I can refer back to it while I'm amending the copy and so I can turn to it when writing other pieces. I spent the next hour and a half making the changes and tweaking my stories to make them better.

There wasn't much to be done for the remaining hour or so, so I just browsed online websites such as the Mail Online. Obviously the TV&Showbiz section is my fave anyway, so it's quite fitting to scroll through when you're doing work experience for a showbiz company. I sent James an email to say I was free if he needed help with anything, but I was happy to have a little read when I wasn't needed. At 5 I hopped back on the tube back to Euston and waited for Abby. She doesn't finish until 6 so I read my book for an hour in Euston Square. We'd confirmed our regular meeting point this morning as I didn't have my phone, and it was surprisingly refreshing not being glued to it for the majority of my spare time. I do think it's healthy to disconnect once in a while to stay in touch with reality. This week has flown by and although I'm sad it's my last day tomorrow, a lie in on Saturday morning does sound tempting.


  1. I've loved reading these Nicole - it's so amazing you got to interview Foxes! It sounds like you got some great experience at Bang. xx

    1. Aw thank you Amber, I'm really glad you've enjoyed reading them! I had such a great time at BANG I'm so glad I decided to go there for a week x