Heat Magazine Internship. Week Two: Day Six

Monday, 9 June 2014

After a lovely night out with the girls on Saturday and a mammoth sofa/Netflix hangover recovery day yesterday, I got an early night ready for my second week at heat. I wore my high-waisted black Topshop Joni jeans with my new tribal print River Island top. I bought it at the weekend and I love the colours and the cut. It's really bright and summery and is a high neck, racerback crop top. I paired this with my black snakeskin River Island pumps and my trusty orange H&M jacket. I know this is the third time I've worn it in six days but it's actually come in super handy and works well with lots of different outfits. Don't judge. I got on the later 8.35 train today and it was pretty much empty which was heavenly. I still arrived 20 minutes early so I found this cute little courtyard and sat there until it was time to start work. As always I started the day by collecting the deliveries (there were loads!) and headed up to the office.

We all had a catch up about what we'd done over the weekend and then I started browsing on the MailOnline for fashion news while Hannah prepared for conference. While Hannah was in there, I helped Ellen prep for a shoot by hanging up all the clothes and steaming them all. After burning myself a fair few times I finally got the hang of it and although I got soooo hot and bothered doing it, it actually kept me occupied for a long time. After I'd finished that it was nearly lunchtime so I did a few little jobs before heading out. I popped to Scribblers for Hannah to get one of the girls a birthday card and I also found some more high street matches for some 'Get the look' pieces which I enjoy doing. I then went and sat in the courtyard in the sun again, rang Kate for the low-down on how her first day at Student Beans was going and ate my lunch. APPARENTLY Prince William was in a building in the very same courtyard!

I knew the afternoon was going to be fun because before lunch, Andy asked me if I wanted to help him film some stuff for heatworld. Obviously I jumped at the chance because I'm trying to make the most of every opportunity I'm offered while I'm at heat, so not long after I got back to the office I went with Andy to watch the rest of the shoot while he set everything up. It just so happened that the filming he was doing was with BGT winners Collabro! Yes, I got to meet them. Yes, they were lovely. And yes, I do kinda fancy them. I'm not giving anything away but it was another new experience and one I thoroughly enjoyed. We had a lot of fun and I'm excited to see the results. I'll definitely post a link when it goes live.

It was gone 3 by the time we finished so we went back in the office and I helped Hannah out by steaming some more clothes for a shoot she had coming up in the afternoon. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to get involved in this one but I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome as it sounded super cute and super fun. I also helped with sourcing some more samples and high res images and looked for some more items for 'Get the look' pieces. Once again, all the PR girls I spoke to were really friendly and helpful and I even answered the phone when all the girls were out the office. It's very surreal answering by saying 'hello, heat'. Surreal, but satisfying. I spent the last half hour looking through tomorrow's issue and I got another delivery, from MAC this time (yep, the label went in my notebook). The heat nutella (which made me sad at the lack of toast sticks in my life) and ice pops are just some of the office perks. 

Now Eleanor has sadly gone, there's even more for me to do so I've been really busy. I know I say every day flies past, but today genuinely went SO quickly and I couldn't believe it was 5pm and time to go home. Today has definitely been one of my favourite days purely because I've got to experience new things while learning at the same time. I know I've got four days left but the harsh reality that I have to leave at the end of the week makes me very sad. I'm going to make the most of the rest of my time and try to cram in as much as possible. I've been really lucky that all the people are lovely and my hard work is appreciated so I'm feeling very blessed and very happy tonight. I'm going to put my dressing gown on, make a cuppa, watch the soaps and fall asleep to Vampire Diaries. Perfect...

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