Heat Magazine Internship: Week Two: Day Eight

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

This morning was lovely and sunny again so I put on my Topshop denim Aztec dress and my black River Island sling back shoes. I got the later 8.28 train as I've been doing for the past few days and surprise surprise, after 2 minutes I was stuck with sweaty people AGAIN. I completely understand that rushing around in the morning can make you a little hot and bothered, but sweat dripping down your hands at 8.30am I just can't comprehend. I'm sorry. As tempting as the sunny courtyard was this morning, it was a little windy so I decided to go and rekindle my love with the toast sticks and chocolate spread at Pure, and they didn't disappoint. As usual, I collected the deliveries and went up to the office to get started.

The first job Ellen asked me to do was to return some clothes to Primark and Topman. It was nice and sunny so I had no problem walking up Oxford Street soaking up the sun. This is another task which hugely helps the girls out and I genuinely don't mind doing it. I had to go to Oxford Street Primark and Oxford Circus Topman but had to pop back in between to get the right receipt. It ended up taking me about an hour and a half so by the time I got back to the office it was around half 11. Hannah then asked if I could find some prices for products that are going in the mag so I did some research online. After that Hannah said I could get together some ideas for an issue which is coming out in July. I won't give any spoilers away but I started doing some research by gathering images before I went to lunch. 

I made a salad last night which I brought to work and it was actually really tasty. I'm so not a salad kinda gal but I'm trying to branch out and adopt some healthier eating habits over the summer. I'm not on a diet, but more water, fruit and vegetables and less snacking is what I'm TRYING to implement into everyday life. I'm also starting the Couch to 5k app on Monday which should be interesting. I tend to stay as far away from Oxford Street as I can on my lunch because it's always so tempting to nip to Topshop. The only thing stopping me is the fact I fear I'll go over my overdraft if I even step foot in there.

After lunch I collected the deliveries again and carried on with my ideas page. To gather images and ideas I used a mix of Rex Features, Mail Online and Google. The weekly meeting was supposed to be this afternoon but it's been rescheduled for tomorrow so I may get to sit in on it and see what typically happens on a weekly basis. While doing that I was doing little jobs in between which consisted of finding more high street matches. One was fairly easy and the other was pretty difficult. I must have literally trawled through about 20 different websites on the hunt for one thing. It happens sometimes!

Today was a really nice, relaxed and quiet atmosphere in the office. It wasn't overly manic like Monday was, but I was kept busy with various tasks throughout the day. After each day ends I realise that I'm closer to finishing my little heat journey which is a really sad thought. I'm in a routine now and I'm so used to the tasks I complete on a daily basis so it'll definitely be weird going back to my full-time job on Monday. After a severe lack of sleep last night due to not getting in until gone 10 and a late night blogging sesh, I literally cannot wait to eat dinner, have a bath and collapse into bed and get an early night. I'll be back tomorrow with a breakdown of my penultimate day as a heat intern. Ahhhh, can it not last forever!?


  1. I'm loving these posts, it all sounds like so much fun and your outfits are gorgeous! Really good to find out more about what happens behind the scenes! x
    The perks of being a hipster

    1. Thanks Cate! Yeah it's so interesting as we only ever see the finished product every week so it's valuable to see what goes into it!X