Heat Magazine Internship: Week Two: Day Seven

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I woke up to the most gorgeous weather so I decided a floral maxi dress was appropriate. It's a New Look black floral dress I bought last summer to wear to the VIP Mahiki event at the Henley Regatta (you can read all about it here). I paired my maxi dress with black sandals and my sunnies as the sun was literally beaming through my window. I got the 8.28 train and arrived early again so sat in the sunny courtyard for a while. I'm such a people watcher and it's so amusing just sitting back and watching people go about their everyday lives, completely oblivious. I then grabbed the deliveries and headed up to the office. 

I started off the day by doing some tasks for Hannah which involved finding some more high street matches and calling in high res images. Hannah kindly said she'll put my name in the mag as a lot of the matches they're using, I found. How lovely of her! Another one of my 'Who wore it best?' pieces was published today and this time it was between Taylor Swift and Lea Michele which you can read here. As Hannah was finishing bits and pieces I started working on another celeb outfit match which I found from the weekend. I like getting a lot of practise as I think it's important to really get to grips with the tone and writing style of the publication you're writing for. As I've mentioned before, I like heat's humorous approach, so researching and writing 'Who wore it best?' pieces is something I've really enjoyed doing.

I went and sat out in the courtyard again at lunch and finally ditched McDonald's for Tesco's feta and sun dried tomato pasta. After lunch I picked up the deliveries again and did a few other little bits and pieces including some returns from yesterday's shoots. I'm very familiar with the returns process now so it's a task I can complete fairly quickly and easily. I then helped Andy collect a green screen from downstairs, but it didn't quite live up to its chromakey label, so after a few attempts at actually getting it back in the box to parcel it back up, he spent about two hours trying to find a more chromakey version! Andy found my blog yesterday (hi Andy!) so it's only fair I admit to you (because he told me to include this) that after seven days at heat I STILL get lost. It's a confusing building with lots of doors, okay...

After the green screen palaver I nipped to H&M to pick up a voucher for Maria's birthday as the office did a collection for her. I then completed some other bits I'd been working on in the morning and finished the day by giving the fashion and beauty cupboard a good tidy. Tidying might seem like a menial task, but it helps the girls if things are put away properly and in the right boxes. Plus, I'm a little weird in the sense that I actually enjoy organising things. It's a sense of satisfaction, not mild OCD. I promise. That took me up until just before 5 and Hannah said I could go home, so I popped to Oxford Street to buy my dad a Father's Day present. He'll read this so sorry dad, but you'll have to wait until Sunday!

I then met my lovely friend Kate from Uni for an hour as she's in London too this week interning for Student Beans. We had a cute little catch up over a spot of shopping before I had to love her and leave her to go to a market research meeting. I got £60 for talking about tablets (iPads and stuff, not paracetamol) for an hour and a half so I'm currently on the train home sitting in between two sweaty people, who are both asleep might I add, writing this so I can shower and then flop into bed when I get home (update: it's five past midnight, I'm only just about to click publish and my alarm is set for 6.30). Anyway... you literally can't beat a sunny London. It's so beautiful and I'm loving life as a heat intern surrounded by the city buzz, minus the ten tube things of course (refer to day five if you're confused).

Let me leave you with a quote I saw this morning...

"What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't happened yet."


  1. I'm really enjoying reading these posts :) looks like you're having a fantastic time + learning a lot! I love your maxi dress too, so so pretty :) xx


    1. Aw, I'm glad Jessie-Ann! I'm having the best time! Thank you :) X