Heat Magazine Internship: Week Two: Day Nine

Thursday, 12 June 2014

I love waking up to a blue sunny sky. It puts me in the best mood and sets me up for the day ahead. Because it was windy yesterday, I decided to wear my high-waisted black Topshop Joni jeans with my Primark black thick strappy sandals and white lace New Look crop top. I got the same time train as yesterday and was luckily sat with nice, normal, hygienic people. Happy days. I got to London early enough to enjoy the sunshine in the courtyard before collecting the parcels and heading up to the office. I started off the morning by working on my ideas page before the meeting.I found two more trends, created pages and printed them off. 

If you've been reading all my internship posts then you'll know I didn't get to sit in on last week's meeting but luckily, today I did. Lucie (editor-in-chief), Jo (style editor), Ellen (style writer), Hannah (junior style writer), Giselle (freelancer) and I all sat round a table and each ran through our ideas. I was pretty nervous doing this as it was all eyes on me but I explained my ideas and reasons and they seemed to go down well. I came up with one of the same ideas as two of the other girls which was a good sign. It was so interesting listening to everyone's ideas as I felt like I gained a firm understanding of how to gather, research and pitch ideas. Lucie then gave her opinion and the meeting lasted around 45 minutes. 

After we'd finished, Hannah said there wasn't much to do until they got their weekly planner for the next issue so asked if I'd like to write some more web content. I was allowed to find something new which wasn't a 'Who wore it best?' so I came up with a 'Couple fashion fail' type idea based around Charlie Sims and Ferne McCann so I started researching that until lunch. I'd already experienced two new things before lunch which is amazing as I've learnt so so much during my time at heat. I've never been given menial, irrelevant tasks, I've been given proper tasks to complete which either help the girls or get published which is completely invaluable experience for me which I'm very grateful for.

I decided to pop to Oxford Street Primark on my lunch break. I bought some bits from there the other day that I'm going to return tomorrow so I bought some other bits instead and treated myself to a McFlurry on the way back which I enjoyed in the sunny courtyard. After my lunch hour was up I collected the deliveries, went back up to the office and carried on writing my Charlie and Ferne piece. It was super exciting being given free reign and I really enjoyed writing something different. Their outfits were literally hideous and you can read what I have to say about their choices here.

At around half 3 Ellen asked me to help her find high street matches for some more 'Get the look' pieces and gave me 5 celeb outfits. I had to find a mix of dresses, shoes, bags, skirts, tops and blazers and it took me all afternoon as some of the pieces were quite unusual. I didn't quite finish so I'll carry on with it tomorrow morning. I hate the fact that tomorrow is my last day and this experience has to end. I'm going for dinner and drinks with my friend Kate in London after we both finish as she's interning for Student Beans so you'll be able to read all about my last day as a heat intern on Saturday.

Until then...

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