Heat Magazine Internship. Week One: Day Five

Friday, 6 June 2014

This morning was even sunnier than yesterday so I decided to wear my black and cream tie dye Primark maxi skirt with a black New Look textured crop top and my River Island slingback shoes (which have severely cut my feet up, by the way). It was so lovely and sunny at the train station but unluckily for me, it meant the train and tube were disgustingly hot and sweaty. There was one man on the train wiping sweat from his ear. Yep you heard right, HIS EAR. I didn't even know it was possible to produce enough sweat in your ear to warrant a wipe but clearly, it is. I then had the absolute pleasure of another man's sweaty back against my hand as I was holding on to the rail on the tube. Aren't I lucky? I've had some weird encounters this week, so here's ten things I've learnt during my first week as a London commuter.

1. Balance is everything
2. Personal hygiene doesn't exist
3. People will risk their backpacks, and their lives, to get on the tube
4. Awkward eye contact is inevitable
5. PDAs (public displays of affection) are considered as acceptable social etiquette
6. There will be at least one person sleeping or reading a book while standing up
7. Dresses, tights and trainers are the 'in thing', apparently...
8. You will make inappropriate body contact with people you REALLY don't want to touch
9. The wind blowing through your hair on platform 2 will not make you look like Beyonce
10. DON'T touch the black hand rail on the escalator. Germs. Germs everywhere

When I arrived in London, guess where I went? For my daily fix of toast sticks and chocolate spread at Pure. Not only is the food amazing, they also have plug sockets and free wifi which makes Pure an even better place. I read a bit more of the mag again and came across a book about a journalist who tells her tales from the past ten years. It's called the wrong knickers and I'm definitely going to give it a read. After meeting Eleanor in reception we collected the deliveries and went up to the office. I checked my emails and started to complete a 'Get the look' task Hannah emailed me about as she was on a shoot all morning. Celebrity outfits are chosen and the fashion team find high street matches for the mag. I've done a few of these now so some of my chosen items will appear in the mag over the next few issues which is exciting. It can be quite tricky as some of the items are quite unique so it took me the whole morning. Ellen said my matches were really good which is always nice to hear.

Me and Eleanor are making an unhealthy habit of going to McDonald's on our lunch break. I took hoisin noodles for lunch but they weren't very nice. The only word I can use to describe them is wet and slimy, so I got a chicken snack wrap and a McFlurry as it was warm and we'd been craving them in the office. We got back to lots of deliveries and another two from Clinique and Illamasqua were in my name as they were the samples I called in yesterday. There were lots of returns to be done as Hannah called in lots of dresses and shoes for the shoot she did this morning so I spent most of the afternoon bagging them up. There were 15 bags in total which just goes to show how many clothes there were! I then helped Hannah find some more items for more 'Get the look' pieces and called in some high res images.

I then offered to return two pairs of shoes to Topshop on Oxford Street. I had to speak to Maria, the editorial assistant to get the receipt and details and she's really lovely. She always speaks to me when she sees me and just genuinely seems like a really nice person. I don't mind running errands as it shows I'm willing to help out and do any task I'm given. The weather was gorgeous so it certainly wasn't a chore walking up Oxford Street in the sun. I could have easily stayed in London for drinks or dinner it was that nice. Luckily next week my friend from uni Kate is interning for Student Beans so we're going to meet in London after we both finish on the Friday and go for dinner and drinks which will be cute. 

I've had such an amazing week at heat and I'm so excited that I've got another week left. All the people I've met have been really welcoming and I've learnt a lot about how the fashion and beauty desk works so I'm really looking forward to next week. It was Eleanor's last day today as she started a week before me and I'm sad to see her go! We became really friendly over the week and have said we'll definitely keep in touch. I'm the only fashion and beauty intern next week so I'm sure I'll be busy with double the work, but I'm happy to accept the challenge. My first week interning in London has been so much fun and I already feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity so I'm certainly going to make the most of next week.

If you've missed any posts, click on the links to read day oneday twoday three and day four. I'm off to have a Netflix marathon followed by a lonnnnng lie in tomorrow.


  1. I love reading about internships! This one sounds so amazing, and like you're having so much fun! I can't wait to read more about it! X

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying reading about it. There will be new posts starting from tomorrow evening x