Heat Magazine Internship. Week One: Day Four

Thursday, 5 June 2014

This morning I decided to wear my textured faux leather H&M Skirt, Topshop LA crop top and orange jacket I wore on Monday to brighten up my otherwise monochrome outfit. I added a pair of tights and my trusty heeled boots and popped my sunnies on my head as the sun was shining. The sky was lovely and blue this morning which came as a welcome change to yesterday's wet and windy weather. The tube was as sweaty as ever and there was a man with an unacceptable amount of ear hair standing far too close to me. Ugh. When I arrived I went back to Pure for more toast sticks with chocolate spread. I'm literally addicted. There were no deliveries so I headed up to the office and got on with some more 'Who wore it best?' stories while the girls had their weekly pitch meeting which they were in for over an hour.

When they returned, Hannah asked me to call in some high res images and samples of products that needed to be shot for a celeb beauty piece in the mag. I had to call the press offices of brands like Clinique, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Smashbox and Stila and again, all the PR girls I spoke to were lovely. The system error was fixed so my second 'Who wore it best?' article is now showing up on the website which can read here. Me and Eleanor went to McDonald's again for lunch as she forgot hers and although I'd brought lunch with me, I couldn't resist getting some cris cuts. McDonald's is way too tempting.

When we got back from lunch Hannah asked us to return all the items which were called in for a shoot. We sorted all the items into different store and PR piles, bagged them up and wrote the addresses on for the van man who comes round at 4. I then had a little tidy up in and around the fashion and beauty cupboard and tidied my desk. Hannah then asked us to help with finding some celeb examples for a trend piece which took a little while as it wasn't the easiest of trends to track down online. We then helped her find some images for a another piece which will be in the mag. 

One of my last tasks was unpacking some items which were called in for a shoot Hannah is doing tomorrow with a celeb. Unfortunately me and Eleanor won't be going along as Hannah is doing it first thing and we start at 10. Sob. But I'll definitely be asking her all about it! Just before I headed home I popped downstairs to get the deliveries and there were loads. Much to my excitement three were addressed to me!!! Yep, it says 'Nicole - heat' on them. Of course the first thing I did was take pictures and then carefully peel the labels off and stuck them in my notepad. Call me crazy but getting samples sent to me AT HEAT is kind of a big deal for me. Needless to say it was the perfect end to the day.

To quickly finish off, regular blog readers will know how much I love my Wednesday Ocean socials. I'd originally booked two days off work to go back up to Nottingham for it, but then I found out I got heat so couldn't go. Of course I'd never turn down heat for Ocean, but I was still genuinely upset I couldn't go to the last Ocean of term. BUT, I have the cutest best friends ever because Georgia and Abby printed out a picture of me (yes, I'm holding a glass of wine with a plastic bag on my head - don't ask!) and took it to Ocean with them, getting pics of people holding my pic while they were on the bar crawl. I have no words for how happy it made me. OH, and tune in to Tyger Takes on Love on BBC3 at 9pm - Georgia is on it!

If you want to catch up with the rest of the week's posts, you can read day oneday two and day three by clicking on the links. I'll be back tomorrow with the final day of week one!

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