Healthy Breakfast Pancakes

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

At the weekend, one of my best friends from Uni came to stay for the night. She only lives in Aylesbury so it's not too far to travel. After a night of far too many avocado brownies (recipe and post to come), the next morning we decided to make her signature two ingredient egg and banana pancakes. It was gorgeous and sunny so we decided to and sit outside in the sunshine and enjoy breakfast. You wouldn't think pancakes could be healthy but these breakfast pancakes are simply made up of eggs and banana. For one person, slice and mash one banana and mix in two eggs. Multiply the ingredients depending on how many people you're making for. Oh, and it's easier with an electric whisk or blender if you have one.

When the mixture is fairly smooth, heat the oven, dribble a little oil in the pan and pour some of the mixture in. Try and make them quite small and thick, not the size of normal pancakes you'd have lemon and sugar with. When the pancake has cooked a little, flip it and wait for the other side to cook. If you're cooking for two or more, try and have more pans going so the pancakes don't get cold. Once one pancake is done, pop it on a plate and keep it in the oven, adding more pancakes on top to create a stack. The mixture for one will create a stack of four pancakes which is the perfect amount.

If you want to be really healthy, then you can just top the pancakes with fruit, but I decided to be naughty and use maple syrup AND nutella, alongside a generous helping of strawberries. Don't worry if you don't like bananas like me, because you can barely taste them. This is a completely guilt-free and fuss-free recipe which can be enjoyed for breakfast or even dessert. They're quick and easy to prepare and make, and perfect if you want to try something a little more exciting than your normal breakfast choice. Serve with a cuppa and a glass of fresh orange juice and your healthy breakfast is complete.

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