Sports Ball and Shit Shirts

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

It's been another busy week for me and this time it's been in the form of sports ball and a shit shirts social. Every year there's a sports ball for all the societies. It's basically an excuse to get out of the fancy dress and get glammed up. It was so nice to buy a new dress and get ready properly. As much as I love socials and fancy dress every Wednesday, I do miss getting dressed up and being girly. I bagged this gorgeous cream dress from Topshop in the sale for £18 and even used my student discount to knock another couple of pounds off. I used my trusty St Moriz tan and went for nude makeup. We had pre drinks then got a bus to the venue which was on the outskirts of Nottingham. We had a gorgeous three course meal before heading to the SU. The tickets were quite pricey at £46.50 but I'm really glad I went.

Gals in cream | All ready to go | Monochrome 
Reunited with my best rep Emma | TD girls | Abby, Sam and I
Amelia, Sam, me, Abby, Laura and Emma | Champagne life | My favourites

After a night of acting like sensible and responsible adults in our sophisticated dresses, it was time to get the fancy dress out again for Wednesday's social. This time the theme was shit shirts and although most of the shirts weren't actually shit, it was a nice easy and fun theme. I wore mine with denim shorts, a crop top and converse. Perfect attire for a hot and sweaty Ocean. As always we went on the bar crawl and ended up in Ocean. I stayed until the end when Frozen played, went and got myself a McDonald's (classy, I know) and went home. Standard Wednesday Ocean antics and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Peace and love in our shit shirts | Me and my fave schoolboy | Missing tour
Little bit tipsy maybe | Reunited with our Tour rugby boys | An old friend
Shit shirt gang | Reunited with my head rep | TD doing shit shirts in full force

It's funny how in the space of one week I can go on two nights out from completely different ends of the spectrum - but that's what I love about University life. Since joining dance at the beginning of second year I've had so many opportunities and made so many friends and memories. If you're thinking about joining a society then my advice would be to go for it. It really does add a different dimension to your Uni experience and you'll only regret it if you don't. I'm going home on May 23rd but I've booked two days off to come back for the last one of the year. Dedicated, or what? That's how much I LOVE Ocean.