Friday, 16 May 2014

If you read my Easter catchup post, you'll know we drove back from Cornwall on the Tuesday morning. I then jumped on a coach back to Nottingham because it was Prinny's birthday (aka Georgia - one of my besties). Tuesday isn't usually a great night out in Nottingham so she decided to go for cocktails in Revs. It's recently been refurbished and is really plush and sophisticated. I wore black trousers, a snake print cami and some strappy heels. We went to hers for pre drinks and then headed down to Revs. The cocktails and so yummy, and even more so with the 2 for 1 card my friend had. We all sat round a big table and it was so nice to chat over drinks. Some of then headed onto Oceana after but me and the couple of others visited trusty Trent Kebabs and went home (wild, I know).

Me and Abby getting ready |Mike, Abby, me and Alex | Me and Mike
Cocktails | Jess, Matt, me and Abby | Swanky bar
Kirsty, me, Seb and Ellie | The boys | Seb, me, the birthday girl and Abby

The next day it was obviously time for some Wednesday Ocean antics. If you're not a regular reader or don't know what this is, basically Nottingham Trent is renowned for Ocean Wednesday's. All the societies go out in full force in fancy dress, do a bar crawl and then end up on Ocean. It isn't the classiest of clubs I must admit, but it's so much fun (they even play Frozen if you stay until the end). As it was Georgia's birthday and she's on the committe she got to choose the theme and chose none other than Disney princesses. I went all out as did most others and ordered a Snow White outfit which I love. Georgia went as Tinkerbell and believe it or not, made her costume herself in year 10 textiles. The new elected social secs took over that night hence Matt loving life with his Ocean ticket book. It's safe to say I've had the best year with Trent Dance and I'm sad it's nearly over until September.

Some of TD | Snow White and Minnie Mouse | Me and Princess Jasmine
Standard toilet Disney snap | Rain life, umbrella antics | New social sec
Disney in full force | Prinny/Georgia/Tinkerbell | Me, Alex and Abby

I've been trying to make the most of third time by going out as much as possible. I'm so sad at how quickly second year has flown by so I'm trying to really make the most of it. Third year is literally at my fingertips and I'm hoping that I'll still get to enjoy Ocean Wednesday's. Striking a balance between work and a social life is really important and I've definitely been taking full advantage of the social side recently. I'm good at managing my time so luckily I'm still on top of all my work. PS - if you're stuck for a fancy dress idea, Disney does it best! Head over to eBay, it's literally my weekly fancy dress saviour.

Are you a fan of fancy dress?