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Friday, 25 April 2014

For some reason, I've been an angel lately and have resisted buying all things fashion and beauty related. I don't quite know how I've done it, but I have. But, as the weather has been getting warmer there's a hole in my life which needs to be filled - my wardrobe. After swooning over pretty much everything in Topshop while looking for a dress for Sports Ball tomorrow, I had a serious 'I wish I could buy everything I have no clothes' meltdown and in order to avoid a serious splurge, here's a wishlist. I barely own any skirts but this season I've been loving them. Skirts, skorts, you name it, I want it. Topshop have got it spot on right now with the mix of textures and prints so here's a little taster of what I'm coveting.

My biggest problem when I shop is that I don't buy outfits. I buy lone items when in fact I should buy outfits and then buy essentials after to mix and match. The first outfit is a pretty casual one and consists of this MOTO Popper Front Mini Skirt (£28) paired with a Red Gingham Bralet (£20). I love the mix of the bright denim and punchy red and with crop tops being my thing, this bralet is literally screaming my name. The next outfit I've put together is a lot dressier but absolutely beautiful. I feel like a skort is a spring essential and I'm really loving white at the moment. Probably not the best colour to favour seeing as I'm the clumsiest person ever, but I love this White Ottoman Wrap Skort (£32) and Tropical V Bralet (£20) combo. The print is super exotic and I think the colours work well with the bright white.

Last but not least I've chosen an outfit which I think can be taken from day to night quite easily. This Charcoal Gingham Mini Kilt Skort (£34) is just adorable and I think the Black Knotch Hem Bandeau (£28) adds an edge of sophistication to it. I love the upsdie down cut out V detail but what I love more is the removable straps. Basically like buying two tops for the price of one, right? If I was to really treat myself to these three outfits it would set me back £162 so I'm going to stick to my plan and pick these bits up one by one. BUT, with 20% student discount currently on the cards, I don't know if I'll be able to resist. I'm not quite sure if it's wise to abort the spending ban just quite yet. Cheers, Topshop.

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  1. I'm in love with that last outfit, so cute for summer, might just have to pay a visit to TOPSHOP!

    Thanks for your post on my most recent post Nicole :) I love to post about a mixture of things and thought people ought to know about these fab areas of London, you will have to go when you are down here!
    I was soo nervous too and was worried I wouldn't settle, but you are so busy all the time you don't even have time to think about it, but its a great city to be in and I wish good luck! We should have to get some fellow bloggers and meet up!
    I have also scheduled a post about my first week if you keep your eyes peeled over the weekend :)
    Best wishes