Link Loving #4

Sunday, 23 March 2014

I swear every week my Bloglovin feed and YouTube subscription list become even longerrr. I'm sure you know the drill by now seeing as we're on week four of my Link Loving installments, but for those of you who may not know, if I particularly enjoy a blog, post or video, I jot it down and then whittle my list of contenders down to six to feature in my weekly declaration of Internet love. There's been some super cool stuff doing the rounds this week so without further ado, here are my top picks...

I always see Ruth pop up in other YouTubers videos, but I NEVER knew she had her own blog. I'd heard of A Model Recommends before but had no idea Ruth was the brains behind it. I know, where have I been hiding? I'm sorry. I'm now a fully fledged follower and I'm loving it. The main reason why Ruth's post is featuring in this is because of her before and after pictures which I rarely see bloggers include. Her pictures are so clear and crisp so it gives you an in-depth insight into whether the product actually works, which is ultimately what we want to know. The palette she talks about  looks like a little gem. We all need a little perfect and correct now and again. Super impressed.

I know I featured Rebecca's blog in my first Link Loving post but I couldn't not include her this week! I've read Rebecca's blog for quite a while but recently I'm really getting into it. Her content is amazing, especially her tips, tricks and advice. SEO confuses me to no end but Rebecca explains it clearly and concisely and I managed to make some small changes which will hopefully help my blog attract readers. I feel like Rebecca really cares about helping her readers get the most out of their blogs and she's a little gem for that. If you haven't checked her blog out... GO! One of my fave blogs at the minute without a doubt and she seems like a lovely lady too.

I haven't been subscribed to Kate for very long but I'm already hooked. I know, I literally must have been hiding under a rock or something. I didn't see her initial pregnancy announcement, I watched it after I watched the update because the update popped up on my subscription feed. Kate comes across as the sweetest person and it's so cute how excited she is for #babybowbow. I'm 20 and still at uni so kids is the last thing on my mind but I still found this video so interesting. I loved how honest she was and I can't wait for more updates.

I love Q&A videos because I'm so darn nosey. I've been reading Alix's blog and watching her YouTube channel for a long time now and I'm never disappointed. She's absolutely flawless and another YouTuber I'm majorly girl crushing over. What I like about Alix is that she knows what she's talking about and always comes across as genuine and honest. Her pictures and video backgrounds are always immaculate and I can safely say that I sat back, relaxed and her enjoyed her little Q&A session. It's a nice and easy way to feel like you're getting to know one of your favourite bloggers a little better.

As always, I'm including a couple of blogs that I've found through the #bbloggers chat. If you don't take part in the chats, make sure you do! I've found so many new blogs that I would have otherwise never known about. I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record talking about blog design again but to me, it's really important. I love the simplicity of Nicola's blog. The monochrome design looks effortless and allows the content to do all the talking. Her content varies which is something I like and she's currently publishing some tips and tricks for bloggers posts which I'm enjoying.

Do you ever read someone's blog and feel like you're twins a little bit? Okay, so I know that may sound super creepy but I just mean in the sense that pretty much everything they post about you either own or is on your wishlist? I feel like mine and Megan's tastes are very similar which is why I love reading her posts. I can read her opinions on products I'm thinking of buying knowing that we seem to like similar products and I can pop new things onto my wishlist if she recommends them. I also really like her blog name, it's very simplistic but cute.

So they're my picks for this week' What have been your favourite posts and videos this week? Did you enjoy any of my chosen posts or videos?


  1. All these pregnant beauty bloggers, damn them for making me so clucky! :P


    1. Haha I know! I find myself ooo-ing and aaah-ing every time I watch them!X

  2. Ah thank you Nicole! We can be blogging twins of course haha :-)

    Megan - xx

    1. Why thanks haha! Keep up the great work lovely X