Social Media

Thursday, 27 February 2014

A very quick and spontaneous post for you today all about my social media platforms. Social media is my favourite way of keeping up to date with my favourite bloggers and of course, being downright nosy. Promoting your blog is a big part of blogging and I'd like to try and get my social media platforms out there. I'm in the process of separating my personal and my blog Twitter which I'm finding very difficult so if you could help a gal out, I'd be very grateful. I'm desperate to follow more bloggers on my blog Twitter so please post your links below because my feed is looking a little empty right now. 

My main reason for separating the two is so I don't bore my non-beauty loving friends and followers with endless links to new posts and beauty talk. It would be lovely to have a blogger following where I can talk about make up as much as I want and not offend anyone. On my Facebook page I'll be posting links to all my recent posts and on Instagram, you can expect pictures of friends, food, beauty and anything else I feel is snap worthy. To make things easy, you can like my Facebook page here, follow me on Twitter here and follow me on Instagram here. Don't forget to leave your links ladies.

How do you promote your blog with social media? Do you have a separate personal and blog Twitter account?


  1. Great idea hun! I think I need to plug my social media a little more often too. :P

    I've added you on instagram! :)


    1. Thanks Felicity! I was a little rubbish at it but since separating my personal and blog Twitter accounts I feel like I'm engaging with my audience and other bloggers more! Thanks - following you too. So I can 'awwwww' over pictures of Ellie pup haha X