Friday, 28 February 2014

Excuse me for a moment while I try and compose myself after reading about THE most exciting competition. Up for grabs is a chance to win one of the most popular TrekAmerica tours; the two-week Westerner 2 including flights from the UK and a night in a hotel before and after the trip. This incredible prize is courtesy of the TrekAmerica team and is in conjunction with Victoria from In The Frow. Entering is pretty simple, all you have to do to enter the first stage, is this...

"Write around 300 words of 'What you would pack for a weekend away' - try and make your blog as creative and unique as possible... you can even use video if you want to! Then, tweet your blog's link to @TrekAmerica or post the link to our Facebook page using the hashtag #Blog4Trek"

With places like LA, San Diego and Las Vegas on the agenda, it's safe to say I'm getting a little excited at the prospect that I might, just might, be in with a chance of jetting off and loving life. The US is calling my name, I just know it. But, before I start to drift off into my own little world of mini American flags and wonderful Western shaped dreams, here's my #Blog4Trek stage one entry...

Any weekend away requires serious prep and a fool-proof strategy. First thing's first, you need to make a list. It's easy to get overwhelmed with excitement when a weekend away is on the cards but if you're going with a boy, do yourself a favour and pack for the both of you!  

I'm not one for packing light, so to try and make room for extra outfit choices (of course), I'd opt for mini toiletries. Not only are they practical, they're super cute which is an added bonus. They fit nicely into a toiletries bag and can be used for another weekend away if you don't finish them.

What's the point in going away if you have no wonga to splash. I'm a pro at spending money like it's going out of fashion so I always say it's better to have too much than not enough. Some cash and a debit card later and you're good to go. If you can't treat yourself on a weekend away, when can you?


As much as I like the idea of switching everything off and indulging in a technology-free weekend, it's just not gonna happen. My iPhone is compulsory for regular Twitter and Instagram checks and also for entertainment purposes when traffic strikes. A TomTom would also be a good shout.

Mini Beauty Stash
No trip is complete without ones finery and for me, this comes in the form of beauty products. Typical girl and beauty blogger I know, but if I'm going to get snap happy (which of course I will be), I want some half decent, hopefully aesthetically pleasing pics that are blog-worthy.

Weather Appropriate Clothing
Oh look, it's Miss Sensible coming out. If your weekend away is somewhere in the UK, uncertain weather conditions are on the horizon. An umbrella, waterproof shoes and a hooded coat are necessary. I'd also throw in a pair of sunnies and some sun cream for good measure. You never know!

I really hope a small Western shape hole in my my life can be filled! If you'd like to enter, see Victoria's post here and visit TrekAmerica for more information about the competition here. If you do enter be sure to leave a link below as I'd love to read or watch your entries. Happy blogging and good luck!


  1. Great post, i love that coat and them boots, there lush!!
    If you ever have a few minutes could you maybe check out my blog please? Im quite new and could use any feedback/comments!!



    1. Thank you Jasmine! I know, gorg aren't they! Of course I will :) x

  2. What a great competition, and omg love what you'd take away aha - just like me, make-up is a must!

    Thanks for sending me your link in last night's #bbloggers :) Following now so can't wait to read more!

    Lots of Love, Me.

    1. Exactly - can't go anywhere without a beauty stash now can we! You're welcome, thank you so much for following it really means a lot :) X