Christmas Essentials

Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas is prime winter time and it always makes me think about essentials. Whether I buy them for myself or pop them on my Christmas list, there's essentials that none of us should be without. The list could go on so I've narrowed it down to five Christmas essentials that we should all own. I'm guilty as charged for buying myself things when Christmas is around the corner so whether you need some last minute list ideas or fancy treating yourself, here's some of my favourite Christmas essentials.

Christmas jumper - My mum has actually made a rule this year that every family member has to wear a Christmas jumper or t-shirt on Christmas day! It's actually a pretty cute idea and means less hassle choosing what to wear. I really love this penguin Christmas jumper from New Look as it looks so cosy and snug - perfect for a chilled family Christmas day where you can eat and drink until your heart's content.

Hot Water Bottle - Since I came home from uni I've somehow managed to get into the routine of taking a hot water bottle to bed every night. If you put it in your bed while you're pottering around taking your make up off and what not, by the time you get into bed it's all cosy and warm. Hot water bottles never go out of fashion and they're perfect for these cold nights so it's a worthwhile investment.

Thermal Mug - Now I'm back home and back in my office job I often get distracted and forget to drink my tea. When I do go to drink it it's stone cold so I really need to invest in a thermal flask or mug to keep my tea nice and warm. This particular one is from New Look but there's some really pretty patterned ones floating about in the likes of Clintons.

Slippers - I don't currently own any slippers which upsets me a little. Boot slippers are my favourite especially when they're fluffy. My hands and feet get cold so easily so slippers are essential for me. These cosy cream ones are from Next and they look very inviting. I think my toes would love them.

Mittens - Okay so not the most practical, but very cute. Gloves are easier to work with but there's something about mittens I love. Not ideal for hand holding, texting or pretty much anything else, but warm nonetheless. This topshop pair come in a range of colours and for me, I can't bear having cold hands so mittens are a must.

What are your winter essentials? I'd love to know.


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