Thursday, 5 December 2013

Welcome to round two, gals. There's three pieces of celeb gossip I'm going to discuss today. I know I spoke about I'm a Celeb last week but I'm addicted and can't stop watching it. It's apparent that there's tension between Lucy and Amy and it seems as if Amy is being targeted. She's beautiful with long blonde locks and an insane body (yes, I am jealous) and it seems as if it's all getting a bit catty. Lucy in particular is making out as if it's because she doesn't want Amy to be taken over by the industry and not be true to her heart but I can't help but think she may be a tad jealous. Yes, she probably shouldn't have hidden her concealer when everyone handed their contraband in, but it's not the end of the world is it.

Another hot topic that's been the talk on everyone's lips in the past few days is Tom Daley's YouTube video. He posted a video on Twitter of himself telling viewers that he had met someone that makes him feel happy and safe, and then revealed it was a guy. It's a shame that he even had to make a video to justify himself, but I think it was a very brave and courageous thing to do. He's already an inspiration and role model and is more determined than ever to win gold at the Olympics in Rio in 2016. I don't think you could ever begin to imagine what it feels like being in that situation so I'd say it took guts to make that video and post it for millions to see. Hats off Tom, you cutie.

My last piece of celeb chat to discuss with you is Jennifer Lawrence. I saw the new Hunger Games film Catching Fire last Thursday evening and I LOVED IT. It's the most incredible film with a twist that you'd never guess, unless you've read the books of course. Jen is the most flawless person and even looks amazing when she's just been attacked by monkeys and been infected by fog which is poisonous (oops, spoilers!). I loved her in Silver Lining's Playbook and I love her in Catching Fire. I think she deserves a lot of credit for her role of Katniss and for her beautiful face. I have a bit of a girl crush going on.

That's it for this week. What was your fave piece of celeb gossip this week?


  1. I confess that I have a bit of a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence, she is unusually inspirational for a Hollywood celebrity.

    The Curved Opinion

  2. She's gorgeous isn't she Vicky! I totally agree, so humble and down to earth X