Monday, 11 November 2013

If you like traditional secret little gems then you'll like this one. A couple of weekends ago, my friend Georgia and I ventured into West Bridgford to do some research for a piece of upcoming work. It was a sunny Saturday morning and although the air was crisp, it was nice. When we got off the bus in Central Avenue we stumbled across the farmers market which is held there fortnigtly. It offers a range of gorgeous local goods such as cakes, smoothies, fudge, bread and meat. West Bridgford is a lovely little place with a tight knit community and lovely locals. I was a little naughty and bought two cakes which looked delicious.

We had a little wander and tried to track down the information we needed and happened to find ourselves outside Tiffin Tea House. I love all things cute, floral and vintage and Tiffin Tea House is just that. The tables are laden with lace tablecloths, an extensive tea menu, floral tea pots and ceramic pots filled with sugar cubes. The decor is gorgeous and the walls and ceilings were accompanied with bunting, fairy lights and pictures. We paid £2.10 each for tea which we initially thought was a little pricey until we received a full pot of tea each. Six cups later we thought different. The array of cakes on offer looked delicious but seeing as I'd already bought some I used my willpower. 

As much as I love sitting down with a strong tea or hot chocolate in Starbucks or Costa, I also love finding traditional little tea rooms like Tiffin. It's nice and cosy and perfect for a girly gossip, an afternoon with your mum or to get your head down and get some work done over a pot of tea. I'm definitely going to do a little research and see if I can find some similar places to try. The tea was delicious, the staff friendly and the atmosphere peaceful.

Have you come across any hidden gems like Tiffin? What do you think of this tea room?


  1. Absolutely love this! Definitely want to find somewhere like this round me :-)

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

    1. Where abouts are you from Rachael? I bet there's some lovely little tea houses hiding away somewhere!X