Sunday, 27 October 2013

Being a print journalism university student I try to contribute to university publications as much as possible. Last year, I didn't write for the university magazine Platform an awful lot, so this year, I really want to try and throw myself into it. Although I was on a very tight deadline and had to write the article up as soon as I watched X Factor last night, upon reflection, I really enjoyed writing thstyle notes for last night's show. I thought I'd share it with you and see what you think. 

Tonight the X Factor was supposed to go all Hollywood on us for movie week. With glitz and glamour at the forefront of many of our expectations, I for one was prepared to watch something magical unfold before my very eyes. In true Barlow style, Gary treated us to a sneak peek Twitter pic before the show went live – definitely Hollywood material. Dermot kicked things off looking particularly dashing in a suit, but then again, when doesn’t he wow us when he’s centre stage?

All eyes were on Nicole as she walked through the infamous double doors in a red (or pink, as her Instagram upload would suggest) Sandra Mansour floor length number. The Lebanese fashion designer is influenced by beauty and elegance, something which the gown undoubtedly captured. She styled it with natural make-up and gorgeous designer vintage Susan Caplan jewellery which made her look as flawless as ever.  Although her hair was slightly avatar-esque from the front, she still looked beautiful.

Sharon certainly rose to the Hollywood occasion in her super sparkly floor-length gown but I kind of feel like less should be more when it comes to Mrs O. There’s no denying how gorgeous the dress is, but maybe on someone else. Hats off to Lou Lou however for pushing the boat out and opting for a burgundy number. He does try, bless him. Who’d have thought X Factor was all about the contestants, eh?

Rough Copy confused me a little as their outfits looked like something out of an angelic wedding performance rather than something out of a Hollywood movie. With a mix of what seemed like basketball shorts and an overload of white, I don’t think they fully understood the theme. The same goes for Miss Dynamix – with graffiti stage decor and endless bright garments, they certainly didn’t receive the Hollywood memo this week.

Sam Bailey also got it all wrong tonight. She usually looks prison officer turned sexy mumma on a Saturday night but tonight, she looked like something out of a fairytale gone wrong. Harsh, but true. The mix of glitter and purple silk was a little too much on the old eye. Luckily, her incredible voice overshadowed the atrocious dress. I was on the other hand impressed by little Nicholas who has blossomed into a ‘handsome young man’ as described by Mrs O. He went all out in a silver metallic suit jacket and is certainly a baby BublĂ© in the making. Hollywood attire – tick. 

Hannah might have gone a little OTT with the gold trim ruffles on her dress, but ruffles aside, the dress she wore was exceptionally flattering. Black is always a safe colour when it comes to complimenting the figure, and Hannah definitely looked a million dollars. No outfit of Hannah’s would ever be complete without those big gold hoops though. For me, Tamera completely stole the show. Her floor length silver and black embellished floor length number did nothing but enhance her beauty. Elegance achieved and having adopted long blonde locks for her Beyonce performance, a red lip was the icing on the cake. 

I can’t really say my expectations were met style-wise. Apart from Luke washing his hair for the first time since god knows when, I don’t think the contestants really made an effort and fully embraced the Hollywood theme. It was their chance to get completely dolled up for movie night and in all honestly it was a little bit of a flop. Apart from the few exceptions mentioned – sack the stylist.


  1. Absolutely loved reading this post. Made me laugh too! Definitely keep writing again for your uni magazine!

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

    1. Aw thank you Rachael, that's really sweet! I definitely will keep writing!X